Day three is behind us and the resolve and our motivation is still high despite a few tough moments. We ate a little more today so I think calorie wise were ok. Not too low and not way too high. One thing I love about the whole30 is that you really don’t need to watch calories. Well you need to make sure you eat enough instead of the usual ‘don’t eat too much routine’, so that’s a really nice change.

I had a bit more energy today compared to yesterday, although headache again in the morning and I slept really lousy last night. Energy was ok until the evening when I couldn’t stop yawning. We were out with friends to the new hobbits movie and we declined going our for drinks afterwards. Better not at this stage.

So what did we eat today?

Omelette with bacon, courgette, spring onion and spinach

Leftover broccoli soup with a big salad with leafy greens, hazelnuts, apple, goji-berries and a raspberry dressing

Steak with sweet potato fries and mushrooms. Dinner was disappointing. Mostly because we had to rush as we were going to the movies and the sweet potato wasn’t as good as it normally is. It could have used a bit longer in the oven.

Tomorrow Tom’s dad is coming for dinner so we have to come up with something good then!

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