I seriously admire people who are strict enough to never eat any grains or dairy… I miss them. And I miss them a lot. Maybe not so much the eating part, even though I realize that sounds weird, but the fact that I can actually think of making a different meal including grains or dairy or… oooo. cheese! I miss cheese. And while we’re still being “good” it is somehow ‘more boring’ then the first time. Maybe part of that is due to it being winter at the moment. Eating comfort food and snuggling up to the fireplace (if we had one…lol) is better with good food. A salad and winter don’t mix very well.

So in that respect; next time we’re doing a whole30 I’m gonna opt for summer instead!

What did we eat yesterday?

Breakfast : Omelet (tired of omelettes!) with spinach, bacon and bellpepper

Lunch: salad with smoked salmon, mushrooms, bacon and tomatoes

Dinner: tuna salad with salad wraps (which is delicious btw)

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