Yesss… Like I already told you briefly we are gonna do it again. Another whole30. Look at it as some form of detox, a way to reset my – sometimes horrible – eating habits and to step back and take note of what I am doing. This is our fourth whole30 and the fact that we keep coming back tells me that it is something that works for us.

There is also an extra reason for doing this right now and that is the fact that I have a lipoma in my back. That is essentially a lump of fatty tissue that is not supposed to be there. It’s benign as far as we know right now but it is pressing against nerves in my back, making the pain quite unbearable at times. And the shitty thing is that it doesn’t respond to painkillers. No matter what I take, the pain stays. Not so much fun going out for dinner when you have no idea how you can survive the evening sitting down. (sitting is worst)

I had the same issue two years ago, just shortly before we started our very first whole30 and the lipoma reacted to it and disappeared after about three weeks. To be honest; it could have been a coincidence.

Broccoli salad met amandel | insimoneskitchen.com

And it most likely was, but it is worth the try. Talked about with my doctor and even though he wasn’t sure if it would help, he figured it couldn’t hurt anyway. In theory it shouldn’t react to what you eat but than not everything is set in stone right? The alternative is an operation. A small one but still… I do not like people cutting into me! I did make an appointment with the surgeon at the same time. Whatever happens; something has to be done. The appointment is a week from now.

We’ll see. We started last monday (the 11th) so for the next month it will be whole30 food here. But you won’t really notice too much about it. I do have a few not so healthy recipes  on the shelf that I can use and I won’t be pestering you with daily updates on how I am doing and feeling. If you find it interesting you can find all here where I will be keeping a diary of sorts. Just like I did last time. Day by day. And if you don’t care than just stick around here where you will find the usual things!

Wish me luck!


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