It’s true what they say… You do get more cautious when you get older. You kind of think twice before you jump of a cliff (for bungee jumping or a similar activity) and that’s probably a good thing. Or at least I like to think so. However… I tend to not always think before saying yes. I jump right in and then – usually on the way to whatever adventure we pick – I get scared… Our rafting experience in Costa Rica was not much different.


The rafting trip was on the agenda for a while and I had signed up excitedly as it was one of those things I’ve been wanting to do forever… So when the opportunity came up.. I did not hesitate. But when we were picked up from our lodge and were on our way to the river, I would have given anything to be able to sneak out the backdoor. I was scared!! It didn’t help one bit that the instructor was busy telling us that people had died on this river, that we needed to be cautious, listen at all times and had to sign a waiver to. Just in case we would die along the way. Seriously… was he trying to put as at ease?? (probably not but a little less horror stories would have been appreciated)


Even the guys in our company started to get a little white around the nose and boy was I nervous before getting into that boat! I was sooo close to not going in, but I decided that was beneath me, so I got in. And it was so much fun!! I look like a moron in most of the photos as I have either my mouth wide open (eyes closed, so probably screaming) or am trying to wipe the water out of my eyes.. I’ve posted the good ones here.. Do I need to say more?


The rapids were a level 2-3 for those who know about rafting and that is a medium level. Good for beginners but I thought it was pretty heavy at times. I was glad I didn’t fall out of the boat as I would probably have never been able to get back in.. 😉 But I was also glad I worked up the courage to do this as it was spectacular and fun. So if you’re in Costa Rica, then I would definitely recommend you go to the White Water Rafting in Sarapiqui.



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