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And the battle continues….


How long ago is it that I told you about my eternal struggle with food? A few months? In the meantime we have successfully completed a whole30 and that went really well. I lost quite a bit of weight and everything else that changed you can read about here. Enough to make me rather happy and you would think that that alone would be a good incentive to keep going on the chosen path. But it tends to go well for a couple of months only to slowly go back to old habits. Isn’t the saying; ‘old habits die hard?’ Well that is so very true. I did not take all old habits back but my guess is that at least 80% of those habits are firmly back in place. It is so easy to slip and just enjoy life really. And it’s no surprise really as life in itself is quite delicious. Soooo….

And than I saw the documentary  fat, sick and nearly dead this week by Joe Cross. Joe, for those who have not seen the movie, is sick (some rare form of urticaria) takes prednison every single day and weighs in at a hefty 145 kilo (that would be 320 pounds) Joe has taken it upon himself to only drink juice for the next 60 days. Vegetable juice, fruitjuice or a mix. Mostly mixed himself with a slowjuicer.

Under medical guidance I might add, as I don’t think it’s necessarily a good idea to jump in and do something so drastic on your own. A medical checkup would be the very least thing to do. I’m just saying.

He goes from his regular diet, that consists of mainly junkfood, fastfood and lots of processed foods, to fruits and vegetables in liquid form for the next 60 days. It won’t come as a surprise I’m sure that he lost weight in the process. But far more interesting is the fact that a lot more happened to his health, his illness and his over well being. I will spare you the details, or it will become a rather long winded story, but he went completely of his medication and is no longer troubled by his illness since.

There is also a part 2, which is shot I think 7 years later and in that Joe is still healthy (although he did gain back a few of the pounds over time but in no comparison to his previous weight) and he visits a couple of people that – inspired by movie number one, also did a ‘reboot’ and for some that really changed their lives!

And of course I get that they are not showing all those people that failed or where it didn’t work or whatever, as they probably never responded to the request to get in contact. But I still think the movie is very realistic and doesn’t paint a prettier picture than it is. For instance, the truck driver from the first movie, Phil, lost an enormous amount of weight as well and turned his life around in part 1. However in part 2 you see that he is back to his bad habits and gained mostly all the weight back. The reason? A divorce and no support system. I guess that is what that does to you. But at least it shows that that can happen.

If you’re into that kind of thing it is really interesting to watch. And fear not, I have no intention of going on a 60 day juice fest, but it did get me thinking. I find the link between good food and good healthy very interesting and I am actually looking for a course/workshop or whatever to follow but haven’t found anything worth while yet. So any tips are welcome (outside of the Netherlands that would have to be an online course or such) I am not planning on making a new carreer out of it or becoming a certified nutritionist, I just want to know more about it.

And yes, there will be a juicer soon… Just so you know.. haha.. I am still determining which one to get. So many to choose from. I got a few tips already so looking into that. So more juice. And also an excellent way to get rid of the excess vegetables I have in the fridge on a weekly basis. And get more nutritients inside of me at the same time. Can’t be bad right?

I considered not writing any of this down. I mean, who is really waiting for yet another story of failed weightloss or health-whatever… ? But that is who I am… A weird mix of baking cakes and eating salads I guess… 🙂 And my guess is that I am definitely not the only one out there with the same issue.

And I think I am going to have fun finding juice recipes that I like and also finding out how I feel doing that in the process.

And so the story continues!

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  1. I hear you. After watching Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead I ran out a bought a juicer. I bought the Breville juicer that he used in the movie. I am happy with it, but there might be easier ones out there to clean.  I juiced daily for awhile, until I fell back into my belief of everything in moderation. Good luck with your goals.

  2. Hmm.. I am not an advocate of juicing at all. That is as a sole intake of food. I think they make a great snack or a healthier breakfast. I attempted doing a ‘cleanse’ but I was so loopy and hangry, it was simply better to ease into moderation.  We bought a juicer for the express purpose of using up the extra veg. We made so many plans to have carrot juice (which I happen to LOVE) but not once made it. Actually, we never used the juicer in a year and gave it away eventually.
    So, I recommend going with a cheap model and see how well you take to using it. Have fun! 🙂

    • O hahaha Asha… Yes I can see how that can easily happen. I do think it will be brilliant in using up the leftover veggies which we tend to have a lot of especially on shoot days. But I’m not planning on only drinking juice all the time. I might do just juice for a week or so and than eat other things as well. We’ll see. I love juice.. 😉

  3. I am not sure juicing is the answer – and like Asha I too have always beleived everything in moderation is good and the way to go. Eating well is vital but a sin every now and then is even more vital to keep you going!

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