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I did question the fact if I should be posting this or not with the well… not so flattering pictures. But I do think my story is one that a lot of people will recognize one way or the other and maybe I can provide a bit of motivation in the process. So…. for starters: the left photo was taken in juni of 2016, the right one is from two weeks ago. One and a half years further and 15 kilos lighter. But the funny thing is that the first thing I notice is the way I am standing. In the first one my shoulders are forward and hanging a bit and the second one I stand up much straighter! (and my hair looks better…lol)

Anyway, you might have heard or read that I suffered a serious accident in december of 2015 while dog sledding in Norway. (if you haven’t; you can read the entire story here ) When I decided to start exercising and hire a personal trainer I could barely walk. I had to use a crutch most of the time to get around. I figured it would make sense to try and getmy weight down and my muscle function up. Before and after |

A number with three digits…

When I started exercising I weighed in at a hefty 105 kilo (oops…) I am tall, 1.80 mtr so it kind of divides reasonably well but too heavy is too heavy. And especially when you have a mobility issue any kilo too much is an extra burden. Not being able to move for half a year doesn’t particularly do wonders for your health and/or your weight. And while I would love to blame the accident for everything I wasn’t all that light to begin with. So staying in a hospitable bed and feeling sorry for yourself (and consequently snacking too much) doesn’t really help a lot.

So time to get into action. I chose Nicole as my personal trainer as the intake we had felt good and 1,5 years further it still feels good. She is my reason to get up in the morning and go to the gym. She continuously kicks my butt when I need it and keeps track of how my body is reacting. I sometimes have to cut back on certain exercises as my ankle still can play tricks on me. So she than adjusts the training to make sure I don’t over train that pesky ankle.


We always train very early in the morning (or at least I think that 7 am is pretty early) Not only because that is the only way I can fit things in before work, but also because my ankle tends to get more painful as the day goes on. And after a day of work it’s not always a good idea to train. Of course the main reason I lost the weight is because I have also worked on my nutrition. It’s still a fact that 80% of your weight is determined by the food you put in, the remaining 20% are helped along by exercise.

Somewhere in June of last year I finally turned the nutrition switch in my head. We had started our 6th whole30 and at that time I was still limping visibly. After a month of no carbs, no sugar, no alcohol, no dairy and no legumes it turned out I could walk without a limp for the first time. Turned out that food had more impact than I thought possible.

Of course the kilo’s that crept of my body also helped the process along.

At the end of last year I started cheating in my training. Too busy, didn’t feel like it…. I’m sure you can all relate more or less to that scenario… 🙂 Lol.. And once you start cheating it is hard to get back into the routine.

But in december of last year (yes before Christmas!) I took up the training again and now I’m into the flow!


Last week the scale said I weighed 89,7 kgs. A total of 15 kilo less. My goal weight is 75 kg or maybe 80… Not sure yet. I don’t have to become the next fit girl (haha) Let’s see what happens if I lose another 10. And by the way: if my weight drops below 88 kgs it will officially be the lightest I have weighed in the last 20 years. Believe it or not.

A lot of people ask me if I am still using that expensive personal trainer? The answer is yes. And what is expensive? How much is your health worth and – in my case – staying or getting as mobile as can possibly be expected. I am a lazy exerciser. If Nicole is not waiting for me in the gym I stay in my warm bed in the morning. It is not something I look forward to every morning; getting up at 6 am to go to the gym.

But I do like the training and I do like what it is doing for me even more.

So onto the next update!


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