Week 8 already and well, we didn’t exactly book a lot of progress. After that initial burst at the beginning where I lost 5 kilo (that hasn’t come back on, so that is a plus) it didn’t move any further. It doesn’t help that I have a weird injury on my left foot. I have no idea what it is but it makes it hard to move, if not impossible. A physio appointment is scheduled for wednesday so fingers crossed she will find something. It does suck as I am planning to go to Antwerpen next week thursday for two days. Pretty hard if you cannot walk much. We’ll see.

My planning for last week went ok-ish. I had a delicious Soto soup which I made with Esmee, tuesday my shoot was cancelled and we had a Mexican feast instead (with spicy chicken and homemade guacamole) Maybe not very skinny but also not very bad. Wednesday I had a shoot with Alex and we had the delicious papaya salad we shot for lunch and at night we ate the dorad we shot too en papillote. Healthy and delicious. (the recipes for all will follow!) So all went ok up until thursday. But than on friday Charlotte came over for a cooking session and we decided on Thai. She had just come back from a trip to Thailand and since she followed a cooking course there, she was keen to make some of the recipes. Which was all good except for the thai dessert. And if you know Thai cuisine you also know that they do use quite a bit of sugar in most of their dishes. It wasn’t so bad in the main but dessert with mango with sticky rice. And lots of palmsugar. Need I say more? And than during diner we had wine, of course…

Yesterday we had a potato salad for diner and I baked a very healthy chocolate cake with zucchini from the I quit sugar cookbook.

the funny bit it… I am just reading through the supposed planning from last week and I realise I cooked virtually non of the dishes I had planned… Hahahaha… O well, I don’t mind so much as long as it is fairly good food and I didn’t go of the deep end all together.

We also started over with the I quit sugar challenge. I had made a mess of things up till this point so figured i might as well start fresh and so I did. So this week was week 1 and that is all about cutting back on things. I guess that is what I did. Not perfect but not a disaster either. Babysteps!

So the planning for next week:

  • Monday: shoot with Alex here. Dinner: miso salmon with eggplant
  • Tuesday: Day off. Dinner: Onepot pepita and sesame chicken
  • Wednesday: Day off. Dinner: Beef fajita salad with mexican corn.
  • Thursday: Antwerp and dinner in a restaurant that night. Trying to make sensible choices!
  • Friday: Antwerp and cooking club in the evening. Again; making sensible choices (I hope)
  • Saturday and Sunday I have a shoot planned with a healthy food service so I think food wise I should be ok there.

See you next week!

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