Sometimes, just every so often, I get these crazy ideas in my head… I’m sure you’re all a bit sick and tired of hearing what a wonderful time we all had at the Plate to Page workshop that took place all the way back in May (and wow, did you see where they are heading in just a few days time?? Glorious Tuscany! Jealous!!) and I met so many wonderful people that if it was up to me I would be visiting all of them. And I will probably do so once my finances are back up to the normal level.. 🙂 After having been to London and then straight into Weimar for prop shopping…. not a lot of money left in the bank I can tell you!!


But after having visited beautiful Weimar and having been “forced” to spend the days sweating and working – strictly no play – I felt I needed to pay Weimar and Meeta another visit. Weimar is not really close but it’s also not really far away and since I do love driving my junglefrog green car, I figured I might ask Meeta if she would mind me coming over for the weekend. Luckily she was immediately enthusiastic and so we set about planning the date. With all busy schedules planning a whole weekend can be a bit tricky but we finally managed to settle on the last weekend of September and what a glorious weekend it was!! The weather here in Holland had suddenly turned all warm and summery and while I thought the temperatures here were warm Germany was even warmer!


We had a lovely weekend, with lots of chatting, a neighborhood BBQ (and I do have to apologize for my lack of German knowledge…!), we went to the market on Saturday, had a wonderful Greek dinner, went for a long bikeride and yes, we even had time to do some serious prop shopping too! Meeta had arranged for her ‘propguy’ to stay open until we had visited on the friday and ooooo, seriously… I could have spend easily hundreds of euro’s there.. *sigh* I did take back some lovely plates, cups and yes, even a 200 year old wooden board, that you have seen featured a few times already.

For lunch on Saturday we visited a small lunch cafe in Erfurt, called Mathilda and the food there was so lovely I wanted to share it with you. Maybe you’re ever in the area (and judging by the number of tourists while we were in Erfurt, you might easily..) it’s worth a visit. It’s a small but cosy place and the weather was so good that we actually sat outside in the shade (yes, in the shade.. too hot in the sun believe it or not!!)

We settled for two different bruschetta’s which we shared and a lovely green salad and then… then there was dessert. I had a delicious goatcheese baked with honey and Meeta had this chocolate cake made in heaven with vanilla sauce. I tasted a bit and wished I had that too.. 🙂 We finished that all of with a delicious coffee. I forgot the name of the coffee but it waswith condensed sweetened foam at the bottom and some other goodness and it was just delicious!

I’m glad we went for a bikeride the next day so I could get rid of some of the excess calories!


Barfüßerstr. 1-2

99084 Erfurt


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