We stayed in Villa Augustus in august of 2012

Villa Augustus

Villa Augustus

Ofcourse you can leave it up to us to book a weekend getaway on the hottest weekend of the last 18 years… Or at least that is what they were saying on the news, so I am guessing it has some sort of truth in it… Our weekend in the lovely town of Dordrecht was booked months in advance after I read a convincing story about Villa Augustus in Jamie Magazine. We had just discussed going away for a weekend together in Holland and so the decision was easily made and the booking too.

We first thing we noticed was that gorgeous old watertower… Which is also the hotel. The interior design of the place is stunning, gorgeous big allotment with a lot of vegetables used in the restaurant and our room (which I forgot to photograph) was very nice and spacious too. Ofcourse what we didn’t take into account, was the fact that it was gonna be more then 35 degrees. Our room was in the top of the tower and thankfully we had a bit of a breeze coming through the windows on that first night, but the second night was really unbearably hot. We hardly slept as even lying naked on the cool white sheets did nothing to cool us down. Only at around 4 am the wind turned and there was a slight breeze coming into the room… Tip for the hotel; put some ventilators inside when it is that hot! Cause that was really not funny…

The big restaurant of Villa Augustus is straight across from the watertower/hotel and has a large terrace which was completely full every time unfortunately. But that was probably due to the weather too. They cook as much as possible from their own garden and in the market store around the corner you can also buy a lot of fun things. They have their own cups and plate, beautiful enamel jugs, books and ofcourse fresh vegetables and fruit, their own homemade bread and cakes. Something for everyone to be found!

The service in the restaurant could have been a little better. While the majority of the boys and girls working there were really super friendly and helpful and taken into the account that it was a total mad house that weekend, still forgetting your customers is never a good thing.

The food… It was good, tasty and fresh although not super special in any way. We ate the first night in the restaurant; I had a delicious cucumbersoup (cold and therefore nice and fresh!) and steak with rosemary fries as a main. It was good and the steak was properly cooked, but if you’re coming here to expect a culinary wonder, then this is not the place. But that is not always necessary!

All in all we really liked Villa Augustus and it is a perfect getaway for  a weekend, although I would recommend not going there when the temperature get up to a 30 C! Beautiful place to relax, enjoy good and honest food and if you want to get away from the area you can always go to the center of Dordrecht which is within walking distance!

All pictures were taken with my Iphone (in case you hadn’t guessed). Traveling light!

Villa Augustus, Oranjelaan 7, 3311 DH Dordrecht


Oranjelaan 7, 3311 Dh Dordrecht

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