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Vega(n) while traveling

Vegan while traveling |

We’ve just arrived back from Copenhagen and I have to conclude that it is not always easy to eat vegan while traveling. For starters, I am still getting used to it myself, I find it hard to ask for vegan options and so I went for vegetarian mostly. That is a bit easier when you’re dining out, although I did also find a couple of delicious vegan options. Copenhagen is relatively easy and you can request vegan options or find a vegan restaurant without too much trouble.I’m not traveling alone though, so I have to keep Tom happy as well.

On top of that; in one restaurant they figured that vegetarian would be eating fish and I didn’t really argue so I ate fish as well. Now in the grand scheme of things I find fish easier to eat than meat, so I just went with it. And overall I do think that you shouldn’t complicate things too much so if that means eating fish once in a while so be it.


Ups and downs

I also find that my mind goes back and forth constantly. Not that I constantly change my mind but if I see a recipe with meat or chicken that looks very appetizing or I smell something really good I start to question my decision on eating vegetarian. And if I should maybe…. But I do think I made the right decision and so I didn’t really get tempted eating something I didn’t want to eat. But the constant back and forth is driving me slightly mad. I mean I have seen enough movies and read enough books to know that I don’t really want to be part of the animal cruelty. Not that my decision will make all that much difference in the world but it’s my conscience I have to live with. So no meat.



And it is driving me insance every now and then. The continuous decisions to eat something or not. After a lifelong of eating whatever that requires a lot of getting used to. So quite a change. I Don’t know that many vegans either except a few bloggers I know from online. But not someone I can talk to, ask questions… How did they do it? How did they make sure to get all the nutrients you need? How do you resist the constant temptation? Are they always 100% vegan or not? Are you a bad person if you’re not?

Horror stories

And then there is the ex vegans stories I’ve been seeing online about people that were vegan and than decided not to because of health issues. Teeth falling out, hairs falling out. That kind of stuff. Pretty scary really. And there is contradictions all over. Of course there are also plenty of stories of vegans that have been at it for years and feel fine but still it makes you think. A lot to learn and a lot to find out.

Also I’ve been eating paleo for a while and I am still thinking that theory makes more sense. But that is pretty hard to do when you don’t eat meat. So there is that too…

So still some soul searching and fact searching to do! To be continued!


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