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Travel: Workshop foodphotography and styling Londen – the recap


Meeta and I are in regular contact through twitter and email and so when she told me, quite a while back already, that she was hosting a workshop in beautiful London together with  Jeanne I was yelling something along the lines of “I’ll be there!!” before I had even checked if I would be able to make it or not. As most of you know by now Alexandra and I are hosting monthly workshops here in the Netherlands in Almere and Voorschoten. One day workshops in which we give you the basics of foodstyling and foodphotography. That is great fun to do, but I also still like to attend a workshop myself every now and than.

Workshop foodfotografie Londen |

Picknick setting

Maybe not so much for learning (although there is always something you pick up from these workshops) but mostly for inspiration. Because let’s be honest, except for submerging yourself for two days into the world of foodphotography and styling, is there anything more fun than spending a few days with like minded people? People with the same weird habit of jumping up and taking pictures of their food before doing anything else?

And I choose to do those workshops abroad. First of all because it gives me a good reason to travel, secondly because I get to see my friends and spend time with them and thirdly because it ads another dimension.

Toch niks leukers als uit eten met een stel gekke foodbloggers... ;)

Toch niks leukers als uit eten met een stel gekke foodbloggers… 😉

So I was attending the workshop in London. Not so much as a participant but more a hands on help at the scene sort of…. And I loved the energy of the group. That is something that amazes me every single time. On the first workshop day ten strangers walk into the room and after just two days a group of friends parts ways.

Jeanne en ik

Jeanne and me

The location of the workshop was amazing. By the river in a gorgeous old house where we could work both inside and out, with fantastic food, both prepared by the location and provided by the sponsors as well.

Londen2 londen6 We hadden enorme mazzel ook met het weer. London in the beginning of may can be temperamental and very wet and it didn’t look very good just shortly before the workshop. But during the two days it was windy but dry and the sun showed itself on a regular basis. Perfect for our picnic theme!


So it was an eventful and wonderful and inspiring two days… I can’t wait for the next one! Londen4 20150502-MH2A0008 20150501-MH2A9878

Would you like to join us on one of our workshops? The next workshop dat Meeta and I will be hosting is in beautiful and magical Sintra where we will teach you all about food photography, editing and foodstyling. You will find all information for the workshop here including a link to register. Would you prefer to go closer to home? Check the data for our workshops here in the Netherlands (those are given in Dutch though)


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  1. What a fun time. The photos are spectacular.

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