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If I would have to name just one thing that was maybe less fantastic at  Tango Bar & Kjøkken in Stavanger than it would have to be the light on the table. Spotlights above the table… Horrible for taking proper photos, but of course that has nothing to do with the food, the mood, the taste combinations and such, but that is the only negative I can think of. That tells you straight away how good it was right? We had a 5-course dinner on our first night in Stavanger, which seems so long ago now! Time flies….

Tango bar. Stavanger | insimoneskitchen.com

The chef in Tango is Kjartan Skjelde and our table was positioned right in front of the kitchen, so in between eating we had the view of the chefs at work… I believe it must have been during our visit to Stavanger that we realised that Norway has a enormous amount of really good looking young chefs! Kjartan is apparently also quite famous in Norway as he is a TV host and is also at masterchef in Norway… No punishment to have to watch him cook, that’s for sure…

Tango bar | insimoneskitchen.com
Beetje truffel erbij aan de tafel… 😉

The dishes were all fantastic. Not only to look at (and the photos don’t really do the dishes justice this time) but mostly the flavor combinations that were unique and delicious. Every single item on the plate was well thought out. And they also paid great attention to details; we had a homemade bread for instance that was cooked in a Dutch oven and served in a small Dutch oven at the table, with a beurre noisette on the side.. Good bread… Need I say more… The dishes we had were – amongst others – crispy porc with sour cream and swedish caviar, lobster on toast with avocado and fennel, tarbot with carelia caviar, veloute of tarbot, smoked duck with mini asparagus, parsnip and hazelnuts and a truffle crumble. Wow, if I write it all down I get hungry again!


Tango is an absolute must go to when you’re in Stavanger… And… do make sure you’re seated close to the kitchen; it’s nice to look at! 🙂 On the top floor of the building there is also a cocktailbar where you can enjoy the outdoors while looking at the beautiful view of the harbour, with a cold glass of something in your hand and some food to go along with that. We started on the roofbar with a delicious glass of Corte Bianca… Looks good right?


The day after we had dinner at Sørensen, but more on that later…

Tango Bar & Kjøkken

Disclaimer: We were in stavanger by invitation of Region Stavanger and Visit Norway, organised by Cherry Picker but all opinions expressed are my own as usual.

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