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Travel : Preikestolen – for a bit of a challenge (during your whole30)

Kees showing us the route before the start |

It all started so innocent; we would be doing a fun hike during our Norway trip. Sounds good right? It would make up for all the extra calories consumed during dinner.

Since oversleeping seemed to be the theme of the trip; Lianne overslept this time until Susanne called her out of bed through the reception at 7.15 (we didn’t get any reactions by sms, whatsapp or twitter, so we kind of felt the urgency!)

She came running downstairs a mere 15 minutes later, so that was an accomplishent all by itself. Quickly stashed some food in her bag and off we went behind our guide Kees to make sure we would get the ferry on time to our starting point.

Preparing for some sunshine |

We arrived as the boat was loading people in, so right on time. Good thing too as boats usually don’t wait around for people.

The boattrip itself was wonderful. Nice breeze, early morning sunshine…

Upon arrival we took the bus for the last part to the Preikestolen Mountain Lodge where the starting point of the hike would be.

And that location alone looked fantastic. Gorgeous views (you’re at 300 meters height) and we were excited to start.

Before we took off Kees told us – matter of factly – that the difference in height between our starting point and our end point was 300 meters. Doesn’t sound all that exciting now does it? What is 300 meters after all?

300 meters upwards Simone, 300 meter upwards! And what that meant… we soon found out during the first 50 meters of climbing…. I guess that was also the point where I felt it might not be possible at all to finish. I am usually really not a quiter. In case you’re wondering. I can do with a little sweating and huffing and puffing but after that first climb my legs started to feel like jelly… And it didn’t get any better after that. So half way – after the highest climb no less – I decided it wouldn’t be wise to go on. A. I was holding everyone up and B. I was conscious of the fact that I had to go back down again across all those big boulders. The last thing I wanted was to trip and fáll down.

So Francesca and myself stopped and the young ones moved on… (God, how sad does that sound!)

It’s sad but true… I am planning however to go back at a laterdate and climb the Preikestolen again but good this time. Whole30-less it should be whole lot easier to do and maybe I should climb a few more stairs as practice run beforehand.

The pictures of the girls that did make it to the end looked amazing… So gorgeous that I was bummed three times as much for not making it, but like I said; my revenge will be sweet (revenge at the mountain that is)

But when you are in the Stavanger region going to the Preikestolen en climbing the mountain is really a must see. It is apparently one of the best views in the world but it is also a climb not to be taken too lightly so take that into account. A little bit of psychical fitness sure helps.

Although…it’s kind of confronting when you see families with little kids walking up the mountain like it is super simple. Not to mention the clearly very obese group of women that we passed on the way down. I don’t know if they made it but if they did; I give them a big round of applause!

Our view from the mountain lodge |

But enough on that…Like I said; on to the re-run!

Disclaimer: We were in Stavanger by invitation of  Visit Norway and Region Stavanger.

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