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Tortuguero – when it rains, it rains


When we first went to Costa Rica in 2001 Tortuguero made the biggest impression on me. We saw sooo many animals those few days we were there. And not only that but we stayed in a very basic but wonderful lodge by the river (not so nice in the night when you had to walk across the field towards the toilet area… Risk of seeing some alligators up close and personal!) Ten years later the lodge was a lot less basic but the weather was also a lot wetter! Getting to Tortuguero was a bit of a challenge as the river was so high that the parking lot from where we were leaving was completely flooded. Getting the luggage across dry was the biggest worry.


Upon arrival at our lodge the entire terrace area was flooded and it didn’t look like the rain would stop anytime soon. Now I don’t mind rain really but when it rains as in a tropical downpour… there is not much you can do except wait it out. We stayed in the Rana Roja Lodge which is pretty and a good place to stay if you want a few days in Tortuguero. What I loved was that we didn’t have any windows. The area was open, but covered with mosquito wire… And because you’re essentially in the jungle you only have to look out and you’ll see something flying or crawling by.


We did have a bit of a situation with water starting to go through our room as we had something leaking from the roof into our room which was no wonder considering it came down so hard and so fast. But they fixed it and we could stay in our room. Apparently when we arrived it had been raining non stop for five days. No wonder everything was floaded!


any trips we had planned for that day were cancelled because of the weather and we did take a boat to the other side of the river to have a look and a walk around Tortuegero town. The next morning we would be going on a boattour but I woke up around 5 am or so (didn’t hear the alarm because the rain was so loud!) and it didn’t look promising. I put on some clothes (didn’t bother to wake Tom either) and ran to the front of the park to check what the status was but – like I suspected – the boattour was cancelled. Needless to say we were quite happy when the sun decided to come back in the next day after I think 11 am. Which meant that we could still do a boat tour around 2 pm. Because Tortuguero is mostly waterways you’ll always see the most from a boat.

Jesus Christ Lizard
Jesus Christ Lizard

And as if all animals had waited for the rain to be over as well, we did see quite a bit with my favorite being the cormorant drying in the sun.


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