I previously had a series on Scribbles and Notes which was all about how I took a certain photo or what I do in certain situation while traveling. And because I now have just the one blog I will continue the series here. It can be a travel photo or it can be a foodphoto or a situation. It kind of fits into the artificial light series as well… But this is more a how I did it series..

This time the tricky situation of an indoor foodmarket with bad lighting!

Genomen op ISO 6400. Diafragma f 4.5 sluitertijd 1/40s Lens 24-70mm f/2.8

Taken at ISO 6400. Aperture f 4.5 shutterspeed 1/40s
Lens 24-70mm f/2.8

When I am traveling I am always a bit more relaxed when it comes to which iso I shoot with. At home, I usually shoot food, which I use a tripod for so I can go as low as my camera allows (which is 50 iso) but like I said on travels it is a different story all together. Still, I am constantly checking and adjusting so I will go low when there is light enough. But what to do when you visit a place that is almost dark? In this particular case we visited a market in Laos that was indoor. Or maybe not so much indoor but covered. Some of the stuff they covered it with was horrible; orange, red and blue. The only way you can have pictures in that situation is to turn them into black and white. Seriously; they will be blue and orange and red otherwise.

ISO 2500 1/80s at f4.5

ISO 2500 1/80s at f4.5


When we visited this market it was early in the morning so the light outside was still low and going into the place it became quickly apparent that I needed to up the iso. I never use flash or almost never when I am on the road and in this case I didn’t even have a flash with me so I had to do with what I had (my camera doesn’t have a built-in flash in case you’re wondering)

So if you look at the above two photos; the first one was taken with an iso of no less than 6000! Now my camera (Canon EOS 5D mark III) is pretty good in low light, so it is bareable up to 3200 iso. I seldom take it further than that for the simple reason that they would not be up to my standard, but sometimes you just have to. And let’s face it; if you’re only going to use these for your blog only, no one is really going to notice that high iso.

The second photo was having a really unpleasant blue-ish cast; partially because of the low light and partially because of all the weird artificial lights and blue tents they had. Impossible to correct so I converted to black and white. Especially with people shots I usually find that quite ok. I love black and white in fact…

ISO 6400 Diafragma f3.2 sluitertijd 1/80s

ISO 6400 Diafragma f3.2 sluitertijd 1/80s

What you do notice when shooting so high in iso is that the colors almost seem to become a bit faded. It’s not as crisp as a photo taken in proper lighting conditions, but hey, a little lightroom magic goes a long way. Still it will not make a perfect picture but to be honest; in circumstances like this I worry more about capturing the scenes than I do about capturing the perfect shot. It’s after all my holiday… πŸ˜‰


More about ISO settings here

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