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The things that make you go hmmmm

Greatly inspired by colors and other cultures too

Greatly inspired by colors and other cultures too

As part of our home work for BYW bootcamp we have a list of topics about which we can write this week; number one was the easy one as I could post a recipe. Done that! However all the other ones were slightly more out of my comfort zone so I had to think which one I wanted to choose. Truth be told, all topics on that list are worth exploring so it doesn’t really matter so I’d just thought to go with number one; what inspires you and why? In short; the things that make you go hmmmm.


Have you ever thought about that question? What is it that inspires you? In life, in work, in play? Being a very visual person I get a lot of inspiration from photographers I admire. A long long time ago (or it feels like a long time ago) I came into contact with a foodstylist; Oliver Knight. He makes some amazing things and I was introduced to him by someone I met at a networking meeting. We talked and decided to do some free work and so we did. How little did I know at the time! I had done virtually no food photography at all, was doing product photography and weddings at the time mostly.

I felt a little embarrassed really but still, we had a fun day and overall I think I learned a lot about how a food stylist worked. I had also just started this blog (it was my third post on JC!!) so I even wrote about it… Four and a half years ago! Anyway, what I really wanted was to follow along in the footsteps of an established food photographer but if you’ve tried that yourself, you may know that it is not so easy to find someone comfortable enough to actually say yes to that. More over, if you don’t know anyone in the industry it is virtually impossible to find someone willing to have you tag along for a day. Ollie got me in the door at Remko Kraaijeveld’s studio, am amazing place and I had an incredible learning experience that one day. I learned more in that day then I ever did going to photography school, believe it or not.

Beef and potatoe pots by Remko Kraaijeveld. Foodstyling Oliver Knight

Beef and potatoe pots by Remko Kraaijeveld. Foodstyling Oliver Knight

I think I can safely say that since that day I have grown quite a bit in my photography. I’ve always checked from time to time (long live social media!!) on the new work that Remko has done and if you have not heard of him before, you should really check out his work. As this small sample above shows you, it is worth it. He has worked with some of the (really) big names in the culinary world, has traveled places and is – to put it short- ; one of the photographers I greatly admire and draw some of my inspiration from. Maybe also because he was one of the first ‘real’ food photographers I came into contact with.

Ofcourse it is not only food photographers and stylists that inspire me, it is so much more! A short overview;

Masterchef Australia; is that dorky? I just LOVE that show and it inspires me to no end to try out new recipes, new techniques, find out more about ingredients etc.

Cookbooks and cooking magazines; I have an ridiculous amount of cookbooks. So much so that they are slowly distributing themselves throughout the entire house. You will find cookbooks in the following rooms; kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom (stacks!!), studio, hallway… I just love browsing through them, getting inspiration, looking at the gorgeous photos or – sometimes – looking at the photos and thinking I could have done a better job… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Markets around the world; one of the first things I always do when visiting a new country is find out where the markets are. It’s just always the best introduction to a experience a new culture. Sight, sound and smell!

And ofcourse there are the endless variety of wonderful food blogs out there that inspire me on a daily basis. There are too many to name but take a look at my blogroll (on top under my fav’s) and you’ll see a few of my favorite finds there.





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  1. A tricky question. There are so many things that make me go mmmmhhh…

    Gorgeous shots! I also possess tons of magazines and a few books. Inspiring!



  2. Lovely post Simone and gorgeous photographs. This post certainly made me go hmmmmm ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. A lovely post! I’m glad I discovered your blog – and I always look for the markets first in a new place as well, they are the best!
    Amalia, fellow BYW

  4. Oh … so many websites and magazines to inspire us Simone.
    Funny, you give your story of who inspires you and I would list your blog as one that CONSTANTLY inspires me xx

    Gorgeous shots as always my dear …enjoy the blogging course!

  5. I love these photos. I bought my Thermomix after seeing it used on Masterchef Australia. ๐Ÿ™‚

    When traveling I always go to the markets and food stores just to compare.

  6. Simone, your pictures are so striking and you have a lovely original style. So great to meet you through BYW. I’m trying to hook myself up with a food stylist around the Sydney area so I can learn more. Wish I paid more attention when I was working with photographers and stylists in London as a food editor. I didn’t think then I’d have my own blog one day and would need to take proper pictures!

  7. Simone, absolutely stunning… I have just been out to dinner here in Oz and now I’m hungry again… your attention to detail is saying it all… we have more than just fabric in common… I too hunt at the markets for all there hidden treasures, I adore cookbooks and have a collection of those maybe not quite as many as you but getting there…. and I love Masterchef Australia for only to see that wonderful Matt Moran…. yes I have all his cookbooks…

    see you in camp… glad to have found you….

  8. Fun post. It’s interesting to read about your efforts to learn food photography. Your photos are so good it’s easy for us to fall into the trap of thinking that you’re a “natural.” You may be that, but achieving your results requires a lot of thinking, experiment, and work – and you’ve nicely explained part of how you did that. I used to be inspired by magazines, but not so much anymore. Markets are always a source of inspiration, and more and more I’m finding restaurants are – I enjoy experiencing first hand flavor combos that professionals come up with. It’s one thing to read about them, but another to taste them. Anyway, very enjoyable post – thank you.

  9. Hey Simone, thank you for visiting my blog. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love your photos and your blog. So much yummy recipes… See you in camp, Viola

  10. It’s wonderful to read a post and smile throughout! I surely have with this: hmmm ๐Ÿ™‚ ! Well, have not had the chance to practice my photography of late, but give me markets of any kind . . . and a friend gave up counting my cookery books past 600 or so [and ‘lost’ a huge number in my divorce: if they are not in your possession . . . hmmm!]. And if one is called a dork for watching the Oz Masterchef, then I AM a dork, hmmm ๐Ÿ˜€ ! Look at the foodie people giving us enjoyment on Oz TV at the moment: half of them we first met on the show!!

  11. Another great post Simone – I know that putting down pen on paper a list of topics which inspire, it’s not always easy! And sometimes they can seem so random that I wondered if I was too much all over the place. I know I am still really trying to pin it down specifically (at least, I feel sort of “obliged” to… don’t know why).

    I am just starting out (albeit a little late in life), but I am so convinced that photography is what I want to do. I will start with product shots, and for pleasure food. The whole thing is a bit daunting, but there is no reason for failure.

    Thanks for all the inspiration you provide.

    • O trust me, I know all,about starting out late! I was 44 when I started my own company and I can sometimes still get a little angry at myself for letting it get so late really…;) But hey never too ate to start anything I’d say!

  12. Every photo is gorgeous..but definitely making me go ‘hmmmm?’ Some kind of tiny peppers in the first? Wild mushrooms in the second or roots of some sort? No idea what the third is lol I love learning new things when it comes to food…and I’m also a Masterchef (US) and magazine/cookbook junkie! In fact..I learned most everything I know from cookbooks and TV chefs..mainly Jacques Pepin..Julia and others ๐Ÿ™‚ Awesome post, Simone!

  13. I know how much your photos and styling and your blog posts have evolved and I love love love that you constantly share your evolution with us by discussing and explaining what influences you and then your thought processes and how you approach and go through these changes. It makes all of your readers (me included!) think about our own processes, influences and work. Wonderful post, Simone. And yes, as Mona says, you influence me.

  14. Beautiful photos inspire me and beautiful people who are willing to share their knowledge of their craft are my inspiration. In fact your site is one of the places I come to for inspiration.

  15. Love those first two photos. But thanks for the Remko photo too. I would love to get moodier, darker, in some photos, but it scares me, and I think people won’t like it. But I need to experiment.

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