I’m reading The Paleo Solution at the moment from Robb Wolf. And my mind is in constant turmoil because of it. Part of me finds it endlessly fascinating to read and is convinced he must be telling the truth. Mostly also based on my own findings when doing the whole30. It just feels right.

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The other part of me, though, wants to throw a tantrum. Like “You are sΓ³ not taking away my sugary treats, my sandwiches and all that!! Are you kidding me?” That particular part wants to dismiss the book. Wants to ignore the facts and wants to continue with life as usual. Cause where is the fun if you can’t have a pavlova from time to time?

On the other hand, especially now that I’m getting older I am more aware of the illnesses of my parents. My mom has had Parkinson’s for 20 years now and my dad is rapidly becoming demented. Both are now in their 80s but have been in poor health for quite some time. And while technically not hereditary I have read many reports on the increase of the possibility that I might get Parkinson’s as well. And by God I don’t want to get old that way. So I have a couple of options: a. Continue as before and just see what happens or b/ try and prevent it with whatever tools to my exposure.

Would I give up grains, dairy and legumes?

But after a lifelong habit of eating grains, legumes and dairy I find it really hard to wrap my head around it. Should I? Shouldn’t I? My mind is going in all directions. One moment I think it is the thing to do. The other moment I wonder what on earth I am thinking. As in why, why, why?? Do I never want to eat a pavlova again (to name just one thing), do I never want to sink my teeth into a crunchy sandwich? I mean… are those the options in life?

Are you mad woman??

I know there are people here that probably think even asking myself that question is ridiculous. As to why would you ever even consider going paleo. But I know how I feel when I do. Not only do I lose weight effortlessly but I feel amazing. No more tired afternoons, no more sleepness nights, no more troublesome digestion and the list goes on. That has got to count for something right? And let’s face it: there is reason I am now facing this dilemma. If the whole30 would make me feel like crap it would be a different story. I could very easily just dismiss the whole thing and continue with life as always. Sigh…

What is your feeling about this?

I haven’t finished the book just yet. So the jury is still out on the verdict of what will follow after this whole30. And if there is anyone out there who eats mostly paleo I would love to know how you do it. How do you survive in a world of delicious – bad for you – sweets and treats? Do you eat Paleo most of the time and just have the occassional treat? Would that even work?

Could you follow a paleo diet and – let’s say – eat a sandwich when it so happens to be the most amazing sandwich ever? Can you?

Any input, advice or rants are more than welcome! πŸ™‚

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