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The kids of Madagascar

Our trip to Madagascar is ten years ago (where does the time go!) but one of the things that I still remember vividly is the amounts of kids we saw everywhere!

Every time we arrived at any destination, wether it was in the middle of nowhere or in a city, we were surrounded by a group of curious kids. I kept wondering where on earth they came from and how did they know we would be there?? We have had situation where we stopped in the dessert (not a village in sight) and within minutes kids would come running. I do think they must have been hiding under ground. There were no bushes!

Most of the kids were incredibly dirty, with mud plastered on their happy faces. Snot coming out of their noses and almost no clothes to speak of. But we still got the feeling they were all happy kids. Happy and curious. The camera posed an endless fascination for them and by the looks of their faces (although I kind of feel that most didn’t even realize they were looking at a picture of themselves) was a constant source of hilarious laughter. They recognized their brothers and sisters more than they recognized them selves.

The smallest ones burst into tears when they saw us. Pretty scary those big white people! And the more remote the area, the worse that was. Here a few of my favorite images!


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