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The health benefits of vinegar

It’s just one of those things that apparently come out of nowhere or maybe I have just not been paying attention but what’s with vinegar and all the health claims you see lately?

The list of benefits of vinegar (not all but we’ll get to that later) is rather endless and includes things like:

  • helps weightloss
  • better skin
  • brighter eyes
  • regulates blood sugar levels
  • helps to absorb more nutrients


That’s quite a list of health claims and since we are actually selling vinegars ourselves I thought it worth checking out what all the fuss is about. Most people refer to apple cider vinegar as being the best in terms of the health claims. Apparently the level of acetic acid that is found in vinegar is a natural helper in aiding weight loss. Due to the acetic acid you’re body actually becomes less acidic which helps you lose weight. Now when trying to find information about this claim on the internet the things I found are sketchy at best. And don’t expect to lose 2 kilo a week as their is not a lot of tests done and the ones I found where reporting a minimum amount of extra weightloss. Apparently it might also be caused by the fact that sipping on vinegar makes you a bit nauseous. How’s that for a sales pitch? 😉

Another thing is that it is supposed to be beneficial for diabetics. The claims are that it might actually lower blood sugar levels, This seems to be the part that is best researched and tested. Vinegar is said to help control the rise of blood sugar when you’re eating bread or other foods that typically raise your bloodsugar. It also helps the body be more responsive to insulin. Overall it definitely seems to be something that is beneficial for anyone struggling with blood sugar levels or type 2 diabetes but always best to check with your doctor before doing anything with it.

Overall I find it an interesting fact and since I like vinegars anyway, it gives me another reason to use it more often in my salads and dressings. Do I see myself sipping on a glass of vinegar any time soon? Well maybe not. There is lots more to read out there if you’re interested and I have mentioned below a few of the sources I found on the internet. Some you may take with a grain of salt… 😉


Sources: American Diabetes Association

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