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The end of an era…

I started Junglefrog Cooking more than 8 years ago now. That eventually (through lots of stupid mistakes and other errors) progressed into In Simone’s Kitchen. But times have changed. I have changed and I found recently that I didn’t feel as motivated as before to ad new posts. Time to move on.

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Simone’s Kitchen will still exist under the Dutch version at

But for English I’ve decided to start a brand new blog. The name is Sprouts & Spoons and it will still be a foodblog but it will be a bit more than that. I guess it will be more personal. Just more fitting to the way I see my blog today. You’re welcome to follow me here or – if you can read Dutch – you can still visit me at Simone’s Kitchen. Of course the site will still be there, so you can always come back and check on recipes and such. I have no intention of removing any of it.

I do thank you all for your support in the last years and do hope to see you again on one of the other blogs!




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  1. Looking forward to following on this new adventure!



  2. Simone,
    Completely get it. I just stick with my site and it evolves as I do. I realize the brand title it outdated, but – hey – so am I! Haha
    I find my readership continues to grow and evolve as I do, I no longer post daily, and have a couple hundred back logged unpublished posts as I haven’t had the time to get them finished.
    But, am still not ready to let go, though I know the day will come. I also started in 2008. That was a very good year, eh?

    • Ah thanks Valerie. Wow, yes it’s been forever right? Now that I had a bit of a longer thought about it I decided to keep In Simone’s Kitchen and just change the content if I want to. No one to stop me do that right? It kind of felt silly to create a new one and forget about this one which is – after all – really dear to me.. So change of plans!

  3. Congrats on the new blog Simone! Looking forward to reading it as much I have enjoyed this one over the years :)))

  4. I’ll be sorry to see this blog go, but totally understand. We all change — both as bloggers and readers — and we all need to reflect that. Good luck on the new blog! I’ll be checking it out.

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