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The day before…..


It was bound to happen. It’s just how we are. Or maybe it is just human nature. But our last night before starting our 4th whole30 will not go into the history books as the best one in terms of healthy food… 😉 Lol… We both worked yesterday, than came home rather late. We still had some French cheese, pate and such in the fridge and we had that with bread. And wine of course.

And it is possibly weird but at the end of that evening I was really, really looking forward to starting a fresh. We chucked all the left overs into the bin. And than this morning we started our whole30 by cleaning out the rest of the house. We should have done that before, but hey planning has never been my strong point. Good thing that I have my week meals planned out. Including a backup plan for T, when he has to work at the markets and will need to bring something.

On that same last day; I was giving a workshop. And one of our participants turned out to be the owner of a fabulous chocolate brand here in the Netherlands. Needless to say we had chocolate that day too. Chocolate, and jam and bread. Wine, cheese and pate….. So now it’s farewell for the next couple of weeks and just water and tea for me.

It’s a good thing I never really liked soda. I think cola is the worst drink ever and I normally drink water during the evening, so that won’t take much adjusting. Except for those glasses of wine in the evening. But I think alcohol is not going to be an issue. It’s the food I am most nervous about!

So fingers crossed and you can follow along with my journey as I will be documenting our progress daily!


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  1. Planning my first outing with Whole30 and picked up some handy hints here SImone (like clear the junk out of the house before you actually start!) 🙂
    Janie x

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