I first have to apologize for the crappy phone pictures (now replaced!!). It’s the only way I can post here as they have never heard of internet cafe’s in this area, so I have to do with my phone. And frankly; that means I am now writing a post to you overlooking a gorgeous ricefield and sitting on the veranda of our hotelroom. It’s actually raining a bit right now but it’s been hot and sunny all day so a little rain is absolutely fine. Plus that is the reason this whole area is so beautifully green and gorgeous and the people here relatively prosperous. We are in Tetebatu right now, where we arrived two days ago. Yesterday and today we have been walking through luscious green tobaccofields and ricefields, through tiny kampungs and to a waterfall. The walk was – I guess – mildy heavy but because the sights you are seeing are so gorgeous you really don’t notice!! Unfortunately on the first day here I got a mild case of traveller diarhea, so I had to be a little careful with food but it’s ok now thankfully. We have a nice group of people together with – as usual – a few exceptions as well. Isn’t that always the way it is? We had lunch today at a local eatery and we proposed to take the lady who cooked it all with us for the rest of the trip as the food was delicious! Tomorrow we will be heading to the next island of Sumbawa, so it’s gonna be a long day of travel with first crappy bus and then the ferry. The photo is from our hotel by the way; it’s more like little cottages really and incredibly noisy. If our neighbours say something you can easily answer back through the wall. It’s really like being in the same room! Talking about noise; due to the ramadan the mosques are overactive right now and the noise – especially at night is really deafening!! Thank god for earplugs!! Anyway, signing of for now as darkness is falling here rapidly! —


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