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Tetebatu – Lombok, Indonesia

Thinking back on our trip around the Sunda islands I think the place that has made the biggest impression was definitely Tetebatu.

Possibly not because I was feeling so well at that time…. We had booked our trip during Ramedan. Not really realizing this when we planned and apart from a few stores closing earlier or not opening at all we didn’t really feel that it made a huge difference overall. But…. (You knew there was gonna be a but right?).. Our hotel in Tetebatu was located on a hill overlooking a gorgeous valley. In that valley however, we had something like 5 or 6 mosques…. And you know what happens during Ramedan right? Every night around 1 am or 2 am or 3 am, or all of those, the mosques would start their call for prayer. And the dogs would usually answer. Not just one dog but the entire neighborhood of dogs… Can you imagine the noise every night? Not a lot of sleep…


That and the combination of the heat didn’t make me feel all that well. My stomach was upset and I seriously wondered if I would be going on the walk that morning.
But I really wanted too so I just took a few pills for my stomach and hoped for the best. And boy was I glad I did! The walk was long, hot and though at times, but the scenery more than made up for it… Thank god I started to feel better after a short while, as there were no toilets anywhere to be found so had it gone wrong, I would have been in deep shit… Literally… Lol…



As it was we stayed there for three nights and we walked for hours and hours each day. Through rice fields, villages, tobacco plantations, across rivers and roads and sweated quite a bit too.
Like I said it is gorgeous there and all that walking really made me so tired that I even managed to sleep despite the mosques and the barking dogs.
Tetebatu is also the ideal place to buy nutmeg or vanilla, as it grows in the region and we bought a huge bunch of vanilla for a mere ten bucks. Nice and fat vanilla. Nothing like the horrible dry sticks we can buy here…



So if you find yourself in Lombok, go to Tetebatu. You won’t regret it!


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