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Did you ever notice how many blogs are out there with one purpose in life and that is to blog about blogging? I can hear you think… really? Yes, really. In my search for eternal wisdom I discovered that there are so many people who want to ride along on the blogging hype that it becomes a weird kind of circle. They want to be a successful blogger, so they give other people advice on how to blog, how to work with seo (search engine optimization) and how to generate more traffic (type in the search term ‘how to generate more traffic on your blog” and you’ll get close to 845.000.000 hits. I didn’t even know that was possible…..)

Ten things you shouldn't do as a blogger | insimoneskitchen.com

So, not having any knowledge whatsoever I figured I give you my idea on what NOT to do as a blogger. Because, let’s be honest; why would you start with blogging anyway? For eternal fame and glory? Would there not be better ways to achieve that? I stepped in to the same trap; thinking that it was of the utmost importance to generate more traffic to my blog. I even tried out various of the paid services that are supposed to generate more traffic… Nothing human is beneath me.. 😉

But I started to look at things very differently now. With the enormous amount of blogs out there, it is a miracle that anyone reads my ramblings. Let alone ten. And I started to wonder; why did I start with blogging in the first place? If you’re new to reading my blog you might not know that I started with a blog called Junglefrog Daily Adventures, which then turned into Junglefrog Cooking, which has now turned into Simone’s Kitchen. I started because it was THE thing to do for a photographer. You could not do without a blog and be taken seriously. I didn’t know what to write about but very quickly it turned out that I loved the foodblogging community and I still do. My blog has grown in the last 7 years but I have certainly made a mess of things. But that is another story all together. I don’t expect anything dramatic to happen to this blog but I will probably keep on doing it anyway. Simply because I love it.

In addition to that I like to share my knowledge. About photography and more specifically about food photography, I like to write a bit now and then. Sometimes useful, sometimes not at all. I love to share. Because above all else, a blog is a form of communication, you share a bit of your knowledge, your photos, your life or whatever else with a large audience. It’s really a very public way of keeping a diary. But with the enormous amount of new bloggers that join on a daily basis I figured I share ten things to not do when you start with a new blog.

  1. Don’t start a blog and than check your stats every five minutes. Nothing will happen, except you getting yourself a massive headache.
  2. Don’t make the mistake to spend a small fortune on people that tell you stuff you already know.
  3. Don’t get obsessed about your blog, to stop again after a week because no one reads your blog (seriously, what did you think would happen??)
  4. Don’t start comparing your blog to the most famous bloggers you know. You will not turn into the next Perez Hilton overnight.
  5. Do not ask every blogger you know (and all the bloggers you do not know) if you can do a guestpost for them. You’ll be surprised how many weird emails you get as a blogger from people who clearly have no idea what you write about. If you seriously want to guestwrite for someone, go for it, but only if you mean it!
  6. Don’t start a blog because everyone has one and you do not want to stay behind. You’ve got to love itor you should not start one.
  7. Don’t start more than one blog (and this is coming from someone who knows what she is talking about… I’ve started more than you can count) It is too much work to maintain multiple blogs and build good content.
  8. Don’t change your layout every two weeks. Find a good template and stick with it for a while, or at least for a few months. I have a wordpress blog and I use prophotoblogs , custom, marmalade, foodie pro as my template. I like to change things around too regularly but it is not necessarily wise to do so!
  9. If you’ve got nothing to say don’t say anything. (posts with the message that you’ve got nothing to so… are really not the best)
  10. Do not steal other people’s content and put your name under it. This is a big one, because you’re gonna be surprised if you know how many blogs exist only on stolen content. That is not the way to run a blog. Make sure you stay authentic and true to yourself. If you want to use something from someone else? Ask for permission and at the very least link back to the original source. If I cannot find a photo from myself than I will buy illustrations or photos from a stocksite. Such as the ones in this article. It’s very affordable and beats stealing always!!

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