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Taking people shots

I feel like I need a break…. It’s been two years that I last had a real vacation that had nothing to do with photography or food. And I know it is coming up fast. (Yay!) The funny thing is that I love to shoot people when I am on holiday and especially in Asia where they love to have their picture taken, that is a real joy. I always ask if it is ok to have a pic taken. The downside is ofcourse that they know it is coming and will pose for you. I don’t want them to pose for me, so usually I take a couple of pics and have Tom or whoever else is with me distract them enough that they stop posing.

Elderly Indonesian man

This gentleman above was something entirely different; he posed yes, but I don’t feel it is a posed picture as he was quite natural. He was probably asked countless times before by tourists or maybe he just was not self conscious at all. In any case, I love this photo. He has such a beautiful face. Don’t you love taking photos of elderly people? The character in their faces is just awesome.


One of the great things of shooting in and around markets is that people don’t stop and pose for you when you ask to take their picture. There is simply no time as customers might be waiting. Perfect situation and always good for a few giggles; both by the market vendor and by their customers.


And then you always have the candid shots which is the reason why I love a long lens. It allows you to get close to people without being in their face too much. Try and doing that with a wide angle! And so I started by saying it is funny… Funny because I do not like to take staged studio portrait shots. I have done that for a while but I always, always prefer people in their natural surroundings. Just being themselves. Those are the people shots I love. And you? Do you like to take people shots?

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