Call me weird but everytime I see an ingredient that I don’t know or have never seen before I can’t resist and I just have to buy it. Today I was visiting one of my favorite places to buy meat and vegetables which is the Lindenhoff in Baambrugge. I went there to get a good piece of meat for dinner since my father in law was coming over and I figured we could all use a good piece of something. So I got a really nice piece of veal and started walking around the vegetable area. They grow a lot of their own produce and when you arrive at the farm (the shop is located in the farm where the raise the cows, calves, pigs and lambs you buy in the shop) you can actually walk into the veggie garden. They had a lot of stuff this time of their own garden and I saw these little green spiky monsters. I picked up the basket they were in, took a good look, put them back and then started getting the stuff I needed to have for dinner (lautrec garlic, celeriac, roseval potatoes, apricots and carrots. Didn’t need the last ones but couldn’t resist those either.

20110908-_MG_4351When I went to the register to pay for my goodies I asked the girl at the counter what on earth those things were. Well, she tells me; those are mini cucumbers.. Ok, they are green but that is sort of where it ends in terms of recognizable. So, yes I bought them and now I have no idea what to do with them. I tasted one and indeed the have a cucumber taste but the texture inside is different. More spongy I would say then regular cucumbers. The outside also appear a little tougher. A supermarket cucumber is cruncy on the outside while this one doesn’t break immediately when you put your teeth in it.

I am hoping someone has a suggestion on how I could use these? I haven’t thought of anything other then the obvious boring salad option. Any advice?

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