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Have you ever wondered where the name smoothie comes from? I’ve heard it used in various different ways; apparently a man with no hair at all is also called a smoothie! but…that is not the topic of this post, fear not! 🙂
It’s really a bit early to get really sweet and lovely fruit, as most of the stuff that is in the stores right now is imported from Spain or another hot climate. Or grown in greenhouses, but anyway…I bought some pineapple, blackberries, blueberries and banana to make my smoothies.
What I love about smoothies is that you can thrown almost anything in it and it still comes out tasting wonderful.
The version above has blackberries, banana and greek yogurt and a little milk to make it a bit more fluid.

But my favorite of yesterday was the very simple version of pineapple, banana and orange juice…. Love it!!


I used the leftover Greek yogurt for a quick and healthy lunch. I love Greek yogurt for the texture and the taste, which is sooo much better then the regular non-fat yogurt, that is probably skinnier, but hardly as tasty and filling is the original product. Everytime we go to greece, I always have greek yogurt, honey and fresh fruit for breakfast. What better way to start the day?


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  1. Amazing pictures! I’m craving smoothies and granola like nothing else now.. It’s all so bright, fresh, and healthy looking.

  2. My first visit to this site and I am stunned by the photography! It is fresh and unaccomplished. I will be back for more!!!

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