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It has happened… yesterday Tom and I went to the Chamber of Commerce early in the morning and my one person business has now changed into an VOF… (not sure if that would be the correct term in English though) Simone’s Kitchen VOF. It’s a little weird too. I’ve been running my one man show for 8 years on my own and that is now all of a sudden gone. I didn’t know I would get a completely new registration number and a new VAT number too. But it is essentially an entirely new business. It’s linked to the old one, but that is no longer existing, Boohoo… That felt a little odd I have to say. Ofcourse my other business names are still there under the VOF. So Fresh Food Photos hasn’t gone.

Onze nieuwe etiketten!

Our brand new labels!

That weird feeling only lasted for about three minutes though. Because mostly it is very exciting and becoming very real too. Our labels have been designed and I just received the visuals for the banners as well. I love them all. Hahaha… Means we will have to make a choice at some point. The one you see at the top is one of them. I will not be showing you the other ones yet. If we get everything finished before the first event on the 23rd of November is still a question mark. I don’t think it will be 100% finished but we will try! And of course I had wanted to share a good recipe with you today but sadly I didn’t have time to make anything. It’s a little hectic at the moment. Because apart from all the market stuff we also still need to work. Tom still has a job until end of january and I have my normal photography, workshops and blog business to take care of. So no recipe.

And besides my studio is an absolute mess at the moment. So in order to shoot anything I will have to do a full reorganisation. Which needs to happen anyway as I have to shoot a dish there on monday for a customer. Thankfully the customer will not be joining… Lol.

Tonight we will be making fresh pasta so I might be shooting that later! For now some cleaning up to do!


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