I am not sure when the whole photographing a cake-thing started, but I believe it was after I had done a course in decorating cakes at Oldenhof in Hilversum. I got so enthusiastic that I started searching the internet for more information on decorating cakes and ended up at the forum De leukste taarten where I then posted this photo

of one of the cupcakes I had made. I got so many comments on my photo, rather then on the cupcake itself, that I started thinking that there might be people interested in doing a workshop on how to photograph their own cupcakes in a better way. With just simple tools and daylight, nothing too fancy.

taartje11And the rest is more or less history; I started giving the workshops about a year ago and have been doing them with regular intervals ever since. It’s fun and I think most people get home with a better sense of how to improve their photos in a simple way.

So what I will be doing here is to give some tips on how to improve your (food) photos in a very simple way. It’s for pure beginners, so don’t expect anything to complicated or fancy.

Most people will be shooting with a regular digital compact and that is also what this is aimed at, although I will be explaining a bit about aperture, shutterspeed and all that stuff, so if you own a SLR and are also a beginner, it might be an interesting read!

It’s going to be a string of articles, which I will all put together on a page which you can find on the top. It will be sorted by topic for easy navigation. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment or send me a mail!

I will be writing the articles over the next couple of days/weeks, so stay tuned for more to come! Have fun!

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