Salmon sandwiches |

After doing the scones for the Monthly Mingle I got thinking that I would like to do some of those really typical sandwiches that you always get with a high tea as well. And I needed to make lunch at the studio anyway, so why not combine the two..?

I had wanted to make some with eggsalad as well, but believe it or not; I bought the eggs in the supermarket and then left them at the register!! Ofcourse I only found out about that when I was already in the studio… Tsss… stupid me… So no eggsalad. Instead I made salmon sandwiches with creamcheese, always a classic and incredibly tasty as well and I made hamsandwiches 20091009-9995

with cucumber. Not really anything that requires a recipe ofcourse… 🙂

I added a bit of dill to the salmon, as I always think that this herb goes very well with salmon.

Took a couple of photos and then had a lovely lunch! Unfortunately the reason why I was in the studio in the first place, was that someone would come and have their photo taken… An hour after the supposed appointment, I received a phonecall that she was ill. She had send a text message but to the wrong Simone! No harm done though.. I was enjoying myself reshooting the scones.

While I really did like the taste of the creme fraiche on the scones I figured I could do with a better substitute for the clotted cream and I found one!!

I used mascarpone this time, added a bit of whipped cream to the mix, stir untill the two are combined and then add a little sugar to your taste. I wanted to add vanilla as well, but all the vanilla pods are at home, so left them out. I used raspberry jam again with some fresh raspberries. And I loved it!! It was a little sweeter then the version with creme fraiche and since mascarpone has a higher fat-content it tasted more like clotted cream too.

Since I also made those photos really last minute the first time I wanted to redo them properly this time. I reheated the scones (I always feel you can actually see that food is cold in a photo, especially when it comes to things you would eat warm-ish) and since I baked them two days ago, I was quite surprised that they were still quite edible as well…!

These sandwiches are not particularly a recipe as such .. but still incredibly quick and tasty!


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