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Salmon sandwich lunch

Quick salmon sandwich |

Sometimes the simple things in life are one of the best and my lunch of today was no exception. Today is one of those days that I am stuck in the studio all day shooting productphotos of books and paper; arguably not the most exciting material, so I wanted to at least have something good to nibble on for lunch. And it had to be quick too, as you don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen and then continuing with the same work, now do you?

Quick salmon sandwich |

Everytime I think about something healthy, that is quick and delicious; I do end up a lot of the times with salmon. Can you imagine that there was a point in my life that I didn’t like salmon (or any fish for that matter) I sometimes find it hard to believe myself but it is true… 🙂

Recipe I cannot really give you as it is simply sour cream on top of sandwich, pepper and salt, salmon and dille.

Anyway, needless to say that I need to return to work now, so I thought I leave you with some mouthwatering images of my lunch and then back to work!!

O and for those interested; I now also have a blog in Dutch. A foodblog ofcourse, although the content may vary from Junglefrog Cooking In Simone’s Kitchen. If you’re Dutch (or just curious) just have a peak and check it out…! It’s called Simone’s Kitchen

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  1. Hi Simone! I agree with you – sometimes the best things in life are the simple ones – smoked salmon and cream cheese is an unbeatable combination – I haven’t had this in awhile but you can guess what I’m having for lunch tomorrow!

  2. I totally relate to you, I work at home too and I eat a lot of smoked fish, especially salmon, I love it! And salmon on bread is delicious. I will check your Dutch blog, I lived in the Netherlands some time when I was a lot… younger and I can read Dutch, at least food related things… ;-). Cheers!

  3. I agree, Simpne!! A lovely lunch as this one is a feast!


  4. That looks like a delicious lunch! There was a time when I didn’t like cured salmon, but that was long ago.

  5. Simone, that is one of my favorite things to nibble on! I love smoked salmon. What a perfect lunch!

  6. That looks so satisfying. And I like the sour cream idea rather than cream cheese – a little lite-er.

  7. These photos are gorgeous!
    I’m still not a big fish person but did change my mind a lot since I moved to Seattle because the fish and seafood here are much better and fresher than when I came from.
    I love your Dutch blog. Wish I knew how to read Dutch.
    Maybe I already told you that I visited Holland (about 15-20? years ago). I loved it! It makes me automatically love anything Dutch 🙂

  8. Lovely photos of your lunch! I’m not a huge fan of fish, but my husband is, and I think he will love this simple preparation.

  9. Simone, it’s amazing how you can take a simple sandwich and make it look so beautiful! Having said that, I’m one of those people who will do anything for smoked salmon, so… 🙂

  10. Love this combo! So simple and delicious. I’m usually too lazy to cook for just myself, this is great!

  11. I am not a fan of anything seafood or fish related, but you have made this sandwich look so pretty that I kinda wish I liked salmon. : )

  12. Wow that really looks great. In fact your whole site looks great. I have read your How-To’s and I found out two things. First have to practice much more and second I have to buy a new camera.:)

    Enne volgens mij is een kat die zichzelf niet hoort vervelender dan een kind die je naar bed kan sturen. 🙂

  13. I love smoked salmon- a delicious and quick lunch!

  14. One of my favorite combinations! Delightful!



  15. H Simone I love the way you keep on going with your blog with these beautiful photos I try to do the same with my blog !! cheers from Paris Pierre

  16. Simple and delicious esp. if I have to lunch alone. Love the colors.

  17. Gorgeous. This is one of my favorite lunches! Thanks for the idea–I’m off to the poisonerie…

  18. Um, that should have been “poisonnerie”. That way it looks like I want to poison someone!

  19. Oh, looks so simple, delish & refreshing!! Yea, I know … Job can slow us down oftentimes …

    Thanks for sharing! Take care! Have a beautiful year ahead, Simone!!

  20. Simone, I could eat the salmon all on it’s own. Love the colour, the smokyness, the saltyness and the buttery texture.

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