Yesterdaymorning after a struggle of almost two years my mother in law finally found peace. She fought hard and long, but in the end the cancer won. On the one hand there is the relief that it is over, that she can rest now, but on the other hand there is the all consuming sense of loss.

We’ve known this moment was coming for a while now, but no matter how long you prepare for something like this to happen; it is still a shock. A shock knowing she will never be around again, never laugh, never cry, never just be there.

I’ve known her for 20 years and we had our shares of ups and downs, especially in the beginning when we first met, but after the first few years we got along just fine. We shared a passion for cooking and for creative workshops and we also – ofcourse – shared the love of her son.

I know some of you were aware that she was seriously ill and I wanted to share why I may be a little bit absent at the moment. The irony of the matter is also that I was supposed to leave with a friend for a trip to Japan on the 6th, arriving in Japan on the 7th. Because of the situation after the earthquake we had to cancel our trip.

If I hadn’t I would have not been here right now. I would have landed in Japan and would have had to fly back instantly. It’s at times like this that I do wonder if things happen for a reason. Whatever the case, I am glad I am here right now to support the family and to grief together.

So dear Edith, I hope you have found your peace now. We’ve loved you dearly and will miss you even more.


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