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Roundup budget challenge week 4

Is the end of the month near yet? The money is gone…! Hahaha…Well I still need to calculate how we did this week and I think we gained some back of the overspending we did last week, but it is still gonna be tight wether we make it or not. All in all we spend a total of € 1,92 per day for dinner last week, so not bad (long live peasoup!) and the remainder for the last five days is € 2,51 per day.


Monday and Tuesday – Delicious budget soup with peasoup which we ate with smoked sausage. Total cost per day € 0,52 per portion soup plus € 0,89 for the sausage. So the total for two is € 1,93. For two days that is € 3,86. The rest is in the freezer and you will find the recipe here next week.

Wednesdayw as a bit of a weird day as I had a photoshoot all day and for lunch we got sandwiches and such but there was a lot of leftover. Which we ate during the evening.

Two buns per person (so for in total for € 0,70, 1 x  ham (€ 0.36, 1 x chicken curry salad € 0.50, 1 x meatloaf € 0,25,  1 x tunasalad = € 0,50 Total is € 2,31

Thursday sauerkraut (from the freezer as it was a leftover from last week) with sausage for a total of  € 1,99 for two

Friday we had chicory with mashed potatoes and ground meat from the oven Chicory € 0,50, potatoes (again we managed to get a bag of 5 kg for just € 1,49at the Lidl) € 0,15, grated cheese € 0,60,  ground meat € 1,00 Total € 2,25 for four portions

Saturday – Leftovers from friday  € 1,15 for two

Sunday’s estimate – Curry for approximately € 3,00 in total (will adjust is necessary!)


Begin budget was € 26,01…. Not a whole lot. We spend this week a total of  € 13,46. That’s an average of € 1,92 per day…Yes! Leftover is  € 12,55. An enormous budget of € 2,51 per day remains.!

Five days to go!

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  1. What a great project. Good for you!

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