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Roundup budget challenge week 3

Phew… week 3 already. How it is going? Well… uhm, I find it quite hard at times. Not because I can’t think of anything to make below the three euro, but to be entirely honest; I find it a bit boring. Let’s face it; you’re options are severely limited; ‘just’ going to the store and picking up some prosciutto or lovely blue cheese or getting fresh figs.. (to name just something) or a lovely piece of meat… It’s just not possible. Now we are in the lucky position that we don’t really have to worry that much about money and as you can see this week we kind of didn’t do all too well and therefore have ended up slightly above budget. You’ll see…

It’s a good exercise anyway, and like I said we don’t have to count every penny, but we can save quite a bit of money by simply paying attention. And that’s a good thing to learn. To name just an example; for the cooking session with Charlotte this friday we were walking through the supermarket and with quite a few items – which I normally would have thrown in my basket without looking – I was now thinking I could get it cheaper at store x, y or z and didn’t buy it… So I learned something!

The hard part is when I’m busy like right now. That means I don’t have the time to think about a creative dish for little money. I come home and I want to eat. Normally I would just throw a pasta or something similar together with whatever I have left in the house, but that is not so easy right now. It’s very quickly over budget. Plus Tom is doing the cooking when I work and so I have to eat whatever he makes.. 😉


What did we eat?

Monday ; cauliflower rice with butterchicken curry. This is a bit of a tough one to calculate as I still had the butterchicken mix from Taste of Amsterdam from last year. Yes really. One of those packages with a curry mix and I figured it would be handy to get rid of my old stock. The price I don’t know exactly anymore but I do know we bought a package of some of those mixed for 10 euro, so I am going to assume it would be something like 1 euro for this particular package. The cauliflower was € 0.60 (vegetable package), chicken 200 gr was € 1,00, curry like I said € 1,00. For the rest we used half a paprika  € 0,25 ct and half a zucchini € 0.20 cent. Total € 3,05.

Tuesday and Wednesday: Hutspot (mash of carrots, onions and potatoes) with smoked sausage. The carrot was on discount at the Lidl this week so we bought a kilo for 39 cents.  Tom loves hutspot so he made enough for two days. In it went;  1 kilo carrots € 0,39 ct, 1 kilo onions € 0,50, 2 kilo potatoes € 0.60, baconbits 200 gr € 1,50. Total for the hutspot  € 2,99. Per day € 1,50. The smoked sausage is ofcourse the most expensive part and costs € 1,= per day. Both days € 2,50. ( I need to look in the freezer as I kind of think we actually also froze a batch as well…)

Thursday – sauerkraut ovendish with ground beef and bacon. Sauerkraut € 0,50, potato € 0,30, pineapple € 0,69, bacon € 0,70. Basic € 2,20 for 2 days (or four people) or € 1,10 per day. Froze the second batch.
The version on thursday we used ground beef in the ovendish and grated cheese. € 1,00 ground beef, cheese € 0,60, onion € 0,07. Total is € 2,77


Friday – Friday I had a friend come over to cook, so we were well over budget. We have cooked lots of stuff but we also made our own pasta and a very budget friendly salad of celeriac and carrots. I count only the pasta here as a main course as that is what we would normally have had without the rest… Well maybe with a salad but ok.

No meat in this dish so that makes a big difference, but we did buy quality ingredients and well over budget. Still, if I calculate how much it all was, it wasn’t so bad. a total of 7,50 for two people for a meal is not very bad, I think. But with regards to our budget challenge it’s definitely over!
Pasta with almond pesto.
Pasta – flour and 4 eggs € 0,40, flour € 0,40. This makes enough pasta for 4 people
Cherry tomatoes € 2,79 (I’m picky when it comes to tomatoes and I think these ones are the tastiests. Not the cheapest!)
Almonds € 4,50
Basil € 1,99
Parmesan cheese € 5,00 (the real one..oops)
Garlic € 0,05
Olive oil € 0,20
Total a’shocking’ € 15,33. This is for 4 people so for two that would be € 7,66… Over budget for sure….!

Saturday – Celeriac with carrot salad. (recipe to follow) Celeriac € 0,25, carrots € 0,50, raisins € 0,35, mayonaise € 0,25, red wine vinegar € 0,10, olive oil € 0,25, pumpkinseeds € 0,50, mixed nuts € 2,00. Total sounds like a lot with € 4,55…. but this salad makes 8 portions!!! So the total per person comes to € 0,57 per portion. Total for two is € 1,14. With this we ate a piece of beef € 1,50 and baked potatoes € 0,30. Total for two € 2,94

Sunday – Peasoup. Price still to follow. Splitpeas € 0,50, celeriac € 0,50… I am assuming a price of around € 2,50 (I was home late on Sunday so we didn’t feel like cooking anymore and went to get fries… Cost € 10,65

Startamount beginning of the week € 58,08. Total spend = € 23,92. € 32,07 That is an average of 3,42 € 4,00 per day. Not dramaticly over budget but over budget it is!

Budget leftover for the rest of the month is € 34,16 € 26,01

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  1. Even though you went over budget when you had a friend over, you’re still staying well under what the rest of us are doing. I almost feel guilty for having roast potatoes with a t-bone steak for dinner. almost.

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