Trastevere by night

Trastevere by night

Yes, we’re back! Our start of our weekend in Rome was a little weird. Originally we were supposed to go Friday morning but due to Tom’s grandpa’s funeral we had to rearrange flights and everything to leave later on Fridaynight. So after the funeral we changed clothes at a gasstation and drove on to the airport. I was happy that we managed to do that as it would be our first weekend away in a pretty long time. So we arrived in Rome late at night and were greeted by Ivan at the apartment we rented through airbnb in Trastevere. Loooved the apartment even though it is in a somewhat noisy area but it didn’t stop me from sleeping like a baby plus stepping out of our door we were smack in the middle of the action. I can highly recommend you stay here. Quite affordable too!

Since it was our first time we Rome we wanted to see all the sights such as the Vatican, Colosseum, Piazza this and that, the fountains and ofcourse the markets. But we quickly found that three full days in Rome is really not enough. O well, it gives us a good reason to come back soon right? We did see most of the main sights but because we walked everything, at some point you just want to sit and have a good glass of wine and some antipasti to go along with it. And let’s face it; that’s part of Rome life too right?

We had some really good food experiences but also two not so good. Our first was really our own fault as we were tired, the restaurant we wanted to go to was closed for renovation and the next one would be half an hour to walk. Around the Vatican the sheer amount of touristy restaurants is huge, so we ended up in one of those Ill Pozzetto. Mediocre food, mediocre wine and well, best not to talk about that one any longer. Our second less then perfect experience was at Glass in Trastevere which has a Michelin star apparently.


We went there expecting something as the restaurant looks very posh and beautiful. Modern and stylish. We were fairly early for Italian standards as we figured we might be able to get a table without reservation if we arrived on time. And we did. The waitresses were lovely so it wasn’t that, but we didn’t think the food was up to standard. It lacked seasoning in most cases and the speed in which we were served was short of ridiculous. I suspect that they wanted us out to have room for possible reservations later, which is fine, but in that case it would have been polite to let us know upfront. We could then have made the decision to either stay or look elsewhere. As it was we had a 6 course diner in a little over an hour! We had chosen a wine arrangement but clearly the sommelier was either new or had no idea what he was doing. The wines were chosen badly for the dishes, especially the wine with the lamb was really not well chosen.

Not the best pasta

At one point we had a whole array of wineglasses half empty on our table simply because they kept turning out the dishes at top speed and we had no time to finish our wines and there was the next already. The highlight of the meal was the dessert which was delicious but other then that it was not an experience we will be repeating. I have seen many good reviews about the same restaurant so either the chef was having a bad day or we just came at the wrong time, but whatever the case I was certainly not impressed.

How different it was when we went to the tiny Osteria Sostegno the next day. Again we were lucky to get a table as the place was packed with Italians having their Sunday lunch together. The atmosphere was great, lovely people and fantastic food. The first picture of this post was my starter and totally delicious crostini. I had a Melanzane di Parmiggiano next and Tom had a great pasta.


osteria sostegno

Insanely delicious crostini with raddichio at Osteria Sostegno

This tiny restaurant is tucked away in a little sidestreet so if you don’t know about it you will never pass it by accident. Worth finding if you’re in the area of the Pantheon. But then again, there are so many fabulous little finds in Rome that it is hard to pick due to the sheer volume of things to see and do.


Roasted chestnuts

I still have to process all the pictures although they have a fairly high level of lots of buildings.. Lol… I don’t normally shoot a lot of buildings but I could hardly avoid it in Rome! Next time we will be paying more attention to other things too but three days in Rome is really nothing. You need much more time to explore the city in depth. So I can only say; till next time!

Can you guess where this is?

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