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Rijksstudio award; Second price!!

rijksstudio If you follow me on Facebook you might have already see it come by; we have managed to get the second price (runner up) for the Rijksstudio Awards 2015!! And because you can’t really see the real pictures based on the instagram stuff I figured I’d show you the real entry as well. Concept by  Alexandra Schijf and Birgitta van Langeveld, text by Fenneke van der Aa and photos by yours truly. 20150302-MH2A6626

The idea for the Rijksstudio Awards is that you get inspired by the large art collection of the Rijksmuseum and give it your own twist. Birgitta and Alex got inspired by paintings – no surpise here – with food in it. The ingredients in the actual paintings where then turned into actual recipes by Alex and made into a beautiful design by Birgitta. The result you see above.

For the photography we have tried to keep the same lighting and feel as with the original paintings.. You can see the actual inspiration pieces below in this post as well. For a look at the other ten nominees and the winner you can take a look at the site of Rijksstudio Rijksstudio1 rijksstudioa varken

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  1. Geweldig gedaan, wat een mooie inzending!! PROFICIAT met jullie 2de prijs!

  2. Congratulations! Wonderful pictures.



  3. Congratulations!! 🙂 the pictures are wonderful!

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