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Let me just start by apologizing for being entirely late with posting the winner of June’s challenge and in fact I can already tell you that I will be late with posting the July challenge. I will make it up to you I promise! I’ve just been a bit swamped with work and well, as it goes, something has got to suffer from that.. πŸ˜‰

On top of that I am leaving for Germany tomorrow so will need to write this post now or it will be incredibly late! There were some pretty good entries this month and if you want to have a closer look at all of them check out the links below.

The judges were not entirely unanimous this time but the winner of this months challenge is…. (drumroll) Vaniglia Cooking!! Her blog is in Italian and I couldn’t get google translate to do with it is supposed to do so haven’t been able to understand much of the post itself, but the good news is that most of our fabulous judges (see below) where impressed with her results. Lovely lighting, beautiful clear composition and overall great effort!

The runner up for this challenge was Chrissie Sewalt. Also a beautiful image!

Since I will be gone now for a few days I will have to think of the next challenge when I get back. So for all those anxiously waiting; it will come, I promise! And I also think I have a bit of an idea what it’s gonna be too… πŸ˜‰ Since it is the 10th already, it will have to be something special!


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  1. Lovely clicks! Each of them is great.



  2. Congratulation to the winner!!! What a great photo. I had planned to take part in this months challenge but just ran out of time. Hopefully I can join in next month.

  3. It’s wonderful, I cannot believe it!
    It was for me a really useful and interesting exercise, and the recipe tastes very good!
    Thank you very much,
    see you soon!

  4. What do the little stars and numbers in brackets mean under every photo? That was confusing to me… I thought she did a GREAT job! Really a fun challenge… but, my 1.4 lens is getting fixed!

  5. ooops, I forgot my email address:

  6. Congratulations Vaniglia. This was my favorite too. Great Job. And thank you Simon for such a fun and informative challenge. Good luck with your travels.

  7. Great job, everyone πŸ™‚

  8. Hey, I got enticed by all your Superb recipes and here you get another feather in your hat ! I cant wait to try my hands on it. It is looking so good with all the lovely pictures and write up as well. I have been here after a while but enjoyed scrolling through your rest of the wonderful recipes. Have a wonderful week ahead. Enjoy. Thanks for sharing recipes. Best Regards, Sonia !!!

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