We were in Gent last weekend to visit our friends Alain and Sandra. As has become a custom they usually pick a good restaurant for dinner on friday and when they are in Holland we return the favor by picking a good one over here. It’s always fun to find a good new place to eat and we’ve only had one less than perfect experience so far. This time the restaurant Volta was chosen which is built in an old electricity building of sorts in Gent. It’s a little outside of the city center, which is a bonus as you can actually find parking space!


Upon arrival we were whisked to the bar to have an aperitiv on the first floor. (you don’t have to but they ask you if you want to) The restaurant itself is gorgeous. I like that industrial kind of style, with high ceilings and beautiful details. The bar itself is nice and comforting as well and is certainly a good spot to have a drink before starting diner or to have coffee afterwards.

By the time we went down for dinner it was fairly late and we had a good appetite. Which thankfully was taken care of by a range of pretty little amuse bouches that were served before we started our main dinner. I liked all of them and the only little flaw was that the parmesan cake (I think it was parmesan cake) was a tiny bit on the dry side. Other than that; all delicious and perfect little bites.

Fotocredits ; Restaurant Volta

Photocredits ; Restaurant Volta

I didn’t take any photos of the interior so the above picture is from the website of Volta and there to download.

We chose the 7-course menu. Which was very rich in seafood dishes. out of the 7, four were seafood. I loved each and every single one of them. Great taste, with some lovely surprises in them and little details. One of the surprises was a golden egg of sorts which we got with the onglais. If you poked it, the jus came out! I was even allowed a little peak in the kitchen, but didn’t want to stay there too long as it was crazy busy and didn’t want to get in the way.

The price for the menu was 65 euro for the 7- courses and especially combined with the amuse bouches I think that is a fair price. All in all, it is not a cheap restaurant but good value and delicious food.

De twee desserts

Our two desserts

The only minus I thought was the heat. Ofcourse it is a huge space to heat and I can imagine it is not easy to do so, so they chose for a floorheating, but because all the heat was coming from the floor, my feet felt like balloons by the end of the evening and that was not comfortable at all. We did sit there for close to five hours so that does get a bit ‘heated’

Overall I would highly recommend this restaurant if you’re in Gent! I’m sure it would be more comfortable maybe in summer, without heating.. 😉


Nieuwe Wandeling 2b
9000 Gent
09 32 40 500

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