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Rhubarb pannacotta |

How not to make a pannacotta part II

Pannacotta with agar agar Right from the moment I started eating vegetarian I wanted to test agar agar as a replacement for gelatin. Gelatin – as you probably know – is made from bones so not vegetarian at all. And agar agar is the...

Orange date balls |

Chocolate orange date balls: the perfect snack!

A hint of orange and something extra It’s not as if making date balls is something special really. I mean lets face it, the internet is full of variations to the theme but still…. I did want to share this one with you. Maybe...

Indonesian pork belly |

Dude Food Tuesday: Pork Belly Indonesian style

Springtime is definitely setting in in Holland and I like it! Finally the rain is being banished by sunny weather and it makes me want to jump for joy. Did you know that actually the word ‘spring’ means ‘jump’ in Dutch? Can’t be a...

Red beet juice |

Juice it baby – red beetroot juice with a kick

To juice or not to juice? Last week we had a discussion going on at school (studying holistic nutrition at the moment) wether or not you should or should not juice. There is a downside to juicing your vegetables of course and that is...

Vegan french toast with strawberries |

Vegan french toast with strawberries

What about the milk? When you first think about going vegan there is probably lots of things going through your mind: what do I do with eggs? How can I survive without milk? Or cheese? Cheese, I have to confess, is probably my worst...

New to vegan – now what?

O help now what about my protein?? You made the decision that from now on you’ll only be eating plant-based foods and no animal products anymore. But what are the things you need to look out for and which nutrients need to be substituted?...


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