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Five culinary tips for Copenhagen |

Five culinary tips for Copenhagen

The best restaurants in Copenhagen I should really start now with a bit of a disclaimer as I obviously did not visit all the restaurants in Copenhagen, let alone that we had a meal on all of them. That is one of the downsides...

Asian sweet potato soup |

Asian style sweet potato soup

Love of soup I am a big fan of soup. Any soup really. It is such an easy way to make a quick and healthy meal, it is perfect for using up leftover vegetables and it delicious too. What more can you want? Take...

How to shoot meat – raw or cooked

How to shoot your steak? Taking pictures of meat. It seems to be a hurdle for a lot of people. Because how do you keep the meat from looking brown and boring? How do you make it look like you want to sink your...

Smoothiebowl |

Eat your smoothie with a spoon – Smoothiebowl

To be entirely honest I think smoothie bowls are a bit weird… I think someone invented it purely because it looks so pretty. And it does, doesn’t it? I’ve seen the most gorgeous creations on Instagram with little flowers and yes, it did spark...

Coconut banana pancakes |

Coconut banana pancakes (glutenfree)

Hay fever season I love spring. I think it is one of the best seasons out there. The world turns from grey and boring into fresh green and beautiful. What brings the joy down a bit though is that stupid hay fever… I’ve only...

10 instagram tips |

10 tips to improve your instagram food photos

I love my iphone. I take it with me everywhere I go and I do use it quite a lot of shoot and post images on Instagram. Who doesn’t? It’s a great visual tool to showcase certain images or use it as a visual...

Sourdough breadpudding with blueberries |

Breadpudding with sourdough

Did you know that I have a big weak spot for bread pudding? Or maybe I should begin with telling you I love bread. It’s just so good. And while bread has gotten a lot of bad publicity the last couple of years I...

How much light is too much light |

Washed out images. When is light too much light?

I love shooting both light and dark images. I think both have a place in food photography including all shades in between light and dark. Donna Hay is one of the main examples of shooting light. At least in her earlier days when she...


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