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Halloween cheese devils |

Halloween snack: little cheese devils

Cute snacks Ok, how cute do these look? They’re supposed to be monsters but I find them adorable little monsters… 🙂 As I am writing this the sun is shining brightly and for the time of year the weather is still pretty hot. For...

Along the irish coast |

Along the Irish coast – Magical and wild

Portrush If you’ve read part one of our trip along the causeway coastal route in Northern Ireland you might remember that we ended in Portrush. Portrush is a coastal town that is a little bigger than we ones we visited so far. The number...

How to make red beetroot pasta |

How to make beetroot pasta

Pasta with a color How good does this look? The cooked beetroot was on sale so I had a bit of an overdose to handle. My friend Esmee suggested we create a red beet root pasta while we were cooking and voila, here it...

Cake with pear |

Delicious and quick recipe for the best pear cake

And we’re live! You might have noticed we were off line for a few hours yesterday, since Lindsay (from the fabulous Purr Design) and I were working behind the scenes to get the new layout up and running. I’m really happy with how it...

Causeway foodie tours |

Causeway foodie tours and how to catch a fish

Causeway foodie tours “Would you prefer baking bread or would you rather go fishing?” was the question we were asked by Tourism Northern Ireland. It seemed obvious to me that baking bread was the logical choice. But I wasn’t traveling alone and Ellen –...

Hormones and menopause – an introduction

When you think about it, we women have pulled the short end of the stick if you ask me. First we are “blessed” with roughly 40 years or monthly stomach aches and other complaints. And then when we think it is over the trouble...

Vegan pannacotta with passion fruit |

Delicious vegan pannacotta with passion fruit

Vegan pannacotta The first time I attempted to make a vegan dessert featuring agar agar I failed miserably…. Instead of a firm pannacotta I ended up with a pannacotta puddle. Still tasted good but not exactly what I was going for. So I had...

Cauliflower burgers |

Whole30 cauliflower burgers

Looks can be deceiving I’ve got to say that these cauliflower burgers taste a whole lot better than they look. I love cauliflower. I think it is by far one of the most versatile vegetables out there. Not only that but it is pretty...


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