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Making your own dukkah |

How to make dukkah

Making your own dukkah I was posting the recipe for this simple and delicious tomato salad this week and realised I never posted the recipe for making your own dukkah. Dukkah is a mixture that originates from Egypt and is typically made with various...

Tomatosalad with asparagus |

Tomato salad for hot days

Is it as hot over there as it is here? I know, I know… it is soooo typical to start complaining when the weather is finally sunny and warm. What is with people that we always find a reason to complain about the weather?...

Paleo gado gado bowl |

Paleo gado gado bowl (whole30)

Back from the States! Yes… we’re back! You might not have noticed it if you don’t follow me on Instagram but we just had a fantastic trip of three weeks through the Eastern part of the USA. We enjoyed far too much wine and...

Gluten free pistache cookies |

Apricot and pistache cookies – gluten free

Career crisis It’s funny how things progress in life don’t you think? One minute you’re a successful food photographer and the next you wander if that is really what you want to do going forward. I mean: yes, I still like taking pictures of...

Gluten free banana cake |

Gluten free banana cake by Hemsley + Hemsley

Gluten free Not sure if gluten free is as big a thing over where you live, as it is here. Initially I thought it was total nonsense to skip the gluten but after doing a couple of whole30’s and noticing the effect of gluten...

Flax seed crackers |

The best and easiest flax seeds crackers to make

Flax seed crackers When I wrote about snacking not being so good for you, I promised I would share the recipe for these delicious and simple flax seed crackers. I ate them the first time for a shoot for a book by William Cortvriendt,...

Why snacking is bad for you |

Why snacking in between meals is a bad idea

Eat six small meals a day.. Can you still remember that recommendation? The theory behind the snacking ‘diet’ was that you would keep your stove burning all the time. Every time you eat your body has to work to burn of the calories. And...

Asian salad with black rice |

Asian salad with black rice

Is it spring already?? I can’t believe it is March already. Whatever happens to time these days. Is it just me or is it part of getting older, that time just seems to slip away soooo easily! The weather keeps being slightly unpredictable. We...

Vegan mayonaise from chickpea fluids |

Vegan mayonnaise with aquafaba (chickpea fluid)

Vegan “mayonnaise” Officially you cannot call this mayonnaise as there are no eggs in it. Apparently it is a thing… Whatever the name, I was very surprised that this recipe worked so well. I tried making vegan mayo before with soy milk. That worked...


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