Yes, it is time! New year, new opportunities! For those that do not know; I have been hosting monthly food photography challenges for a while but due to work and all sorts of other stuff I stopped for a while in April of last year. And I always intended to start again as I think it is great fun! So here you have it; the first photography challenge of the year 2014 is a fact!

The theme is RAW

What does that mean? It means that this is all about an ingredient shot. A picture of any food that is still in it’s original unprocessed state. It can be plucked, butchered or dug up, as long as it has had no further processing done. The pictures here are just a few examples of some golden oldies but I’m giving you a link below to a Pinterest board full of amazing raw photos. For inspiration. So go wild and send in your photo. You have exactly one month to complete the challenge and to send in your photo through the Linky Tools below.
Handful of cherries

I will be combining the entries from the Dutch and the English side, so there is just the one Linky tool, but that is not really relevant to compete. Before we give you the rules, first a few tips on shooting ingredients.


  1. Your ingredient is the hero. Make sure it gets the full attention! If you buy special ingredients for your shoot at the market or in the store, make sure you double check for little dents, brown leaves, broken twigs or colored meat… All things that will not make your photo stand out.
  2. Herbs or salad leaves can be refreshed before the photo by putting them in a large bucket of ice water. That really works miracles but make sure you pay attention if you have delicate leaves like coriander or dill, you might end up with a big wet lump in your hands. Rolling the herbs into damp kitchenpaper will keep them fresh in the fridge.
  3. Meat is a tough subject to crack so if you’re a beginning photographer it might be better to pick an easier subject but in the end it is your choice. Do whatever you want!
  4. Pay attention to shine; too much can be annoying on – for instance – fish or meat, giving it an oily appearance. But too little on – for instance – fruit can also be a bad thing. The trick is to find just the right amount of shine and control your light!
  5. Daylight works best with ingredients so work in the weekend if you have the chance!

For inspiration I have created this PINTEREST board with gorgeous RAW photos.


The rules!

  • The final submission deadline to enter your link in the linky tool below is 20 februari 2014.
  • Don’t use an existing photo but make a photo specifically for this challenge.
  • When you write a blogpost about this challenge and your results, make sure you include a link to this blogpost, so people can bookmark for next month!
  • Submissions are limited to one per person. When entering your photo into the linky tool make sure you select the right picture from your blogpost.
  • Your photo needs to have a raw ingredient as the main subject
  • You can take the photo at a market, out of the country or whereever, just as long as you’ve made it for this particular event.

Our judging panel will consist of the wonderful three bloggers/photographers who have been judging before:

Meeta K Wolff – From What’s for Lunch honey

Kay – from Kayotic Kitchen

Jenn- from Jenncuisine.

The judges can also submit their photo (which can serve as inspiration for you!) but they are not taken into account when picking the winner.

What can you win you ask? Well, eternal glory for one.. πŸ˜‰ We have no prices other than fame and fortune. It’s purely for fun and for practising your photography skills. I will – ofcourse – visit all the blogs and comment on the photos.

All results from the challenge can be viewed here on our Pinterest Board

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