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Where to begin?? Shall I start talking about the wonderful food, the scenics we have seen, the people we have met or …. sooo much has happened since the last post that it is hard to give a short account of all that. There is very little internet access along the way and it is sort of a miracle that it is working at the moment, so it is unlikely that I will be able to post until I am back after this. But then again…. you never know.

We have already left Tuscany and are now in Emilia Romagna; in a little town called Gorzano di Maranello. Maranello is famous for the Ferrari cars, but as you might have guessed; that does not interest me in the least. Thankfully our travel compagnions feel the same way, so no ferrari trips necessary. It is however also the region of Parma and of Modena where they make the real Aceto Balsamico di Modena, which is like black liquid gold or so I hear. It is sold in bottles of 10ml only…! 🙂 Imagine that! It is also the region of the real Parmesan and our plan is to visit at least a place where they make Parmesan and one where they make Balsamico. The problem is that we are only here until tuesday and we’re not sure which places will be open on sunday and monday. So if we’re unlikely we will not see much at all. The weather has also taken a turn for the worst and it has been pouring rain all afternoon and night. (and really really pouring… I am not kidding you) We are now in a lovely B&B called Ca’ Penelope which is an agriturismo and it’s a great place too. We had dinner here last night and since we were the only guests we got a lot of attention of the lovely chef, called Lorna. Which is also when we got the idea that it would be fantastic to get a cooking lesson from her. With this kind of weather, what better way to spend a day or afternoon being in a real Italian kitchen?? So after dinner I asked and she was surprised but thought it was fun too, so we are expected in the kitchen tomorrow at 11 am! I can’t wait!


The photos you are seeing here are all still from the first days in Tuscany as it is late at night at the moment and I don’t feel like searching and editing some of the other shots, so you’ll have to wait for more stories (and maybe even some recipes from Lorna) once I am back. Which is – unfortunately – not that far away.

I think I have fallen in love with this country, it’s people and it’s food (well, that was nothing new..!) and we will definitely be back! We’ve already bought way too much stuff to bring home (I mean; we DID go to the Chianti region, so wine and olive oil ofcourse) so I hope I can squeeze in some other things… For now ciao and talk to you soon!!

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