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“Where did the eggplant go to have a few drinks?”
When I start thinking about these kind of jokes I know I am officially BORED.
I’m bored, have a temper and I am hungry. It’s been a while since the Misses got the jeepers and started with all kind of healthy ‘veggiejuice’. The whole veggie detox tour was supposed to take five days, but without saying something it is more than a week later already and all I see in my fridge is vegetables and other kinds of healthy stuff.
All those vegetables have already taken the best of me and I think I am in the middle of a vitamin psychosis or something. Because just as I opened the door the fridge I really could swear that a nasty eggplant was laughing at me, just from behind the carrots. He gave me that purple and broad smile in which he wanted to tell me: “Hehe, you can open that door as often as you want, but you’ll find nothing but healthy stuff here.”
I hate vegetables who laugh at me. The same goes for zucchinis .Terrible to see a smirking green smile when you are hungry. That defiant laugh that wants to say: You can bite me, dude. But I am tasteless anyway. Hehe…” Hate those kind of veggies. By the way, that’s a big plus of a veggiejuice; even the most arrogant of vegetbales is squished to a mix of pulp and juice in this great apparatus. When you hear tose greens squeek when they land in the mixer, you can hear it’s the perfect butcherhouse for vegetables.  Let’s see who’s laughing now, huh? MUWHAHAAHAA!! Moussaka of leftover pasta |

Anway, I was talking about the ‘veggiejuice 5-day detox’ adventurem before I got carrief away, The Misses started a juice trip for ‘one week only’ Which meant: morning, noon and evening, nothing but juice from vegetables. At day four I got happy again. But mainly because I saw the reign of vegetable come to an end in this house. My mouth started watering at the thought of all those delicious things I had to miss for a whole week.

Just as I wanted to leave the house and buy som beautful steaks, the Misses called: “Honey dear, I want to keep it healthy after the vegetable detox, ok?” Slowly my world started to crumble. I tried to negotiate with a meek: “Yes, honey. Healthy? Like in a magnificent steak with some baked potatoes? Baked in coconut oil, ofcourse.” But she didn’t buy it. The green reign of terror was going to be extended for an indefinite period. Not room for baked potatoes in this kitchen. There was only room for fruit and veggies. Yesterday, was a day of real sin, for we ate a pasta. Reckon, a pasta made from spelt with a sauce of lentils. And, to make it even worse, it was a vegetarian dish. I don’t know from which dark corner of the world the Misse got a spelt pasta (Yes! Much more healthy than a regular pasta. Sure!!!), but it makes me sad.

I AM IN WANT OF MEAT! The least I want is something that has been caramelized in a frying pan. Give me a break, please! Mister Maillard didn’t invent his reaction for naught, so let’s make the most of it.

When I  open the fridge again I still see that eggplant smiling at me acidly. Is there some decent food in the house anyway? Don’t think so. Just a few potatoes, some pasta that was left over from yesterday and… that frigging eggplant.
But then a devilish plan started to unfold as I reached for the eggplant. I could swear again… but this time the purple thing was looking startled.
A minute later this ‘laughing’ eggplant was sliced up thinly as he was about to be a major star in my moussaka made from pasta leftovers.
And ofcourse a good moussaka can’t do without some slices of eggplant.
It goes without saying that I too some minced meat out of the freezer to add to the dish. The Lord gave us fangs, so use them wisely; and frequently. Enjoy this quick to make moussaka.

BTW: Where did the eggplant go to have a few drinks? To the saladbar, of course.

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Moussaka made from Pasta leftovers

Great and easy to make moussaka from the pasta you made the day before. In stead of throwing away your pasta sauce, impress your friends with this greek themed dish.
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 40 minutes
Servings: 3 -4


  • About 250gr pastasauce that is left over from a pasta dish you made earlier (if there is some past left in your sauce, no worry. Thats just fine)
  • 250 gr potatoes or a bag of pre cooked potatoslices
  • 1 eggplant
  • 150 gr cheese gratedkaas
  • salt n peppa
  • 250 gr minced beef optional when you have a vegetarian pasta sauce.


  • Preheat oven to 200° Celsius and cook the potatoes till they are done (check by sticking a knife into the potatoes. If they fall off they are done). If you use the precooked and sliced potatoes, you don't have to cook them. Drain potatoes and let them cool of before you slice them thinly.
  • If you don't have meat in the pastasauce: bake the minced beef with salt n peppa and additional herbs to choice (some thyme and oregano are just delicious). When it's cooked spoon the minced meat through the pasta sauce.
  • Slice the eggplant lengthwise in thin slices (Use a cheese slicers to cut nice thin slices) and roast them in a frying pan or contactgrill until soft.
  • Pour a spoon of the pastasauce in an oven dish until it covers the base. Place the long slices of eggplant on top of the sauce and place another spoon of pastasauce on top. Place the sliced potatoes tilewise on the moussaka next and finish off with a last big spoon of pastasauce. Sprinkle a big layer of grated cheese on top and put the moussaka in the oven for 30 minutes.
  • In the last 4-5 minutes turn your oven to grill to mak a crusty cheesy layer on the moussaka.
  • kali orexi!


The nutritional values above are calculated per portion. The details are based on standard nutritional tables and do not constitute a professional nutritional advice.

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