My very first visit to Porto (or Oporto) was something like 10 or 12 years ago. At the time I had to go there for work as one of the factories we worked with had their office in Porto. So I got just a tiny little glimpse of the city. A glimpse with a lot of rain, I do remember that! It was only fair that I would visit Porto again all those years later with a much better weather to begin with! I have already shared a little bit on Junglefrog Cooking about our visit to Porto and the Douro region and I want to tell you a little bit more about Porto itself now.


Porto is one of the oldest European centers and is registered as a world heritage site by Unesco since 1996. The center of the city is fairly small and you can walk around quite easily (well, there are also quite a few hills in the center so good exercise as well!). Porto is located along the Douro river (more on the Douro valley later!) and ofcourse, the most famous export product of Porto is the wonderful Port wine which we came to taste during the weekend. If you’re in the area it is a good idea to visit the Quevedo winery in Gaia for a sample of some of the most delicious Port wines of the region. Walking there you will have to pass the beautiful bridge across the Douro and you can see some of the old boats that were used to transport the port in ancient times. Along the river too are some of the old warehouses where port was stored.



Lunch bij Canelas de Coelho, Rua Elísio de Melo 29 4000-196 Porto Portugal

And when you’re in need of some refreshments a fabulous little restaurant is Canelas de Coelho where we had a delicious tapas style lunch. If you’re there also try the Vinho Verde. We had a delicious Pequenos Rebentos which I hope I can find here in the Netherlands. Loved it!


Ofcourse walking around Porto you see all the beautiful blue tiles that are strewn across the city. I know for sure that I will be back with Tom to have a bit more time in Porto, sampling the local cuisine and going into the churches and other beautiful buildings…. And, what else, ending the day with a beautiful glass of port!




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