For most of our trip we have been eating in small Osteria’s, Trattoria’s or even little cafe’s; as much as possible enjoying the local food. Being surrounded by Italians is usually a good sign when you’re entering a restaurant or trattoria. But when we came into Pienza, one of the first restaurants we came upon was a lovely place called La Terrazza del Chiostro with a gorgeous view over the entire valley.

A beautiful outside terrace (it was a hot sunny day) with a little wind, so we just had to book a table for later that afternoon for lunch.

But first we had to go in search of the famous Pecorino for which Pienza is quite famous… Did you know there are endless varieties of pecorino?? I only knew the one kind we can find in our supermarkets (and not even a regular supermarket) and the ones I had tasted sofar where too salty for my taste, but I’ve learned a whole lot more about pecorino and have been eating far too much of it…


Now do you see that cheese in the photo above with the straw on it? It was actually worse when you saw it ‘live’ and combined with the strong smell…. let’s just say that my adventurous mind came to a rest when I saw that cheese. It’s probably lovely and in actual fact I might have eaten it but the whole cheese just looked a bit too much for me. One of the disadvantages of traveling in one car with four people is that space is rather limited when it comes to bringing stuff back home and since we have already bought a lot of wine, parmesan and some wonderful sausages… there is only a tiny bit of space left. Tom does not like cheese and the smell of pecorino makes him sort of ill, so no pecorino home for me. Unless I can find a place where they vacuum pack like they did the Parmiggiano Reggiano… That’s the only way we will be able to take smelly cheese back home. The meat we bought is dried so that should be ok and it’s certainly not smelly so far (we don’t keep it in the car unless traveling from one place to the other)


And then our lunch…. it was certainly not the best meal we have had (those where usually the ones in the little trattoria’s and osteria’s) but it was definitely the best looking lunch for sure! And the best place to sit too, which has got to be worth something.

And here I am wanting to write in this post about Siena as well, but it’s already long so I’ll leave it at just Pienza… 🙂

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