You had to wait for a while but here… finally… can you see the result of our combined efforts in producing the delicious passionfruitmousse (which turned out to be tropical mixture fruit instead but that’s a minor detail) pie… Last sunday we had our third lesson with Carle and as it turned out the fruits of our labours were plentiful indeed. I think we supplied half the neighbourhood with cake.. 🙂 (Which is not entirely true, but one cake went to Tom’s parents, one cake went to my parents and one cake was brought over to Tom’s work. And then we kept the macarons ourselves ofcourse… Yes, we made macarons!! But that is for an entirely different post… Soon to come! (keeping up the suspense!)

So what did we make? We started of by finished the above masterpiece that is a combination of the joconde and tulip batter we made in lesson one, the mousse we made in lesson two and the topping that we made this lesson. I didn’t want to cut this specimen as it would be going to my folks, but still I can assure you that it was DELICIOUS!!



Making the ‘mirror’ on top of the cake is not very difficult. As for the flavor that you use; we used the same fruit as the mousse but you could use a different flavor, as long as it complements the mousse and is not too different either in color or taste.

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Mirror on top of cake


  • 80 gr fruit puree
  • 80 gr water
  • 80 gr sugar
  • 2,5 leaves of gelatine soaked in water for 5 minutes prior to dissolving


  • Heat half of the water with the sugar and dissolve the soaked gelatine in this mixture. Add this to the fruitmixture. Stir softly making sure not to form airbubbles. Add the remainder of the water and make sure it is at least as cool as roomtemperature or a little colder. As long as the gelatine is not setting yet.
  • Using a spoon you can then pour it over the cakes. The cooled cakes will have a bit of a dent in the middle so more of the jelly will go in there, but just keep going until you have a smooth and even surface. Put this in the refrigerator until firm.


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We started with coffee and a piece of the lemonpie that we made the week before too. And that too was so delicious and the sourness in the lemon made it quite fresh as well. I am definitely going to making that one again too!


We made chocolate sorbet icecream (sooo good!) and we practiced a lot with how to apply icing in different shapes and forms. I did not take too many photos of that as I was sort of covered in sugar and buttercream by that time and didn’t really want to put that all over my camera, so I just have this one shot of Tom’s practice plate..

20101003-_MG_8685Next week will be all about sugar, chocolate and marzipan….

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