I have to admit that having been to Costa Rica once before, I didn’t really have high hopes to find an amazing cuisine or wonderful food. I wasn’t as much into food ten years ago as I am today, so I still had the slight hope that maybe I remember wrongly or maybe I hadn’t paid enough attention the last time I was there. It’s not that the food is bad but it’s more that there is not really a typical Costa Rican kitchen or if there is I might have missed it altogether. Keep in mind that we have stayed in fairly remote and also touristic areas. Those tend to be catered more towards the average tourist then towards authentic cuisine! In a lot of cases we stayed in one place and that is also where we had to eat. Going to a restaurant has not been an option for many days. So hotelfood in itself – again – is maybe not the place to sample typical food of any country. If you are Costa Rican and you are reading this, please let me know which dishes would be considered typical in your country. Anything other then Gallo Pinto or Arroz con Leche that is… I did buy a book on Costa Rican cooking, but found it more Mexican cooking then anything else.

The food is not bad perse; you can eat delicious fish, great steaks, lovely tortillas and ricedishes, but… it’s maybe not what I hoped for. What I also missed greatly during this trip is the lack of markets. We have not seen ANY market, none whatsoever… I guess that is the biggest downside of travelling in a group (and having a nature trip rather then a food trip) and staying in areas that are far from human habitations. So unfortunately I cannot tell you a lot about the Costa Rican food. I can tell you loads about the beautiful birds, the amazing snakes, the loud monkies and the ever present mosquitos, but I am sort of guessing that is not what you want to know right?


And since this is primarily a foodblog I figured I would try and recreate some of the dishes that ARE typical…. but you will have to wait until I make them myself. Other then the above two shots and a few shots that are even less interesting I didn’t really shoot any of the food we had. It just wasn’t that good… 🙂

Now apart from the food our trip really was amazing. I was a bit shocked about the changes that have taken places in the last ten years since we had been there. It has become so much more touristic! You wouldn’t believe it. And much more expensive too. But the nature is still there, still as beautiful as I remembered and the animals too. So just to give you a little taste of Costa Rica… Here are a few pics… Next post I will recreate some Costa Rican food for you!


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