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NEW Photography & styling challenge – All white theme


As you know I have been running the Donna Hay Styling and Photography Challenge for almost a year now and it is time for a bit of a change. While the challenge is great, replicating an existing image and the styling that goes along with it, proved to be harder then I thought it would be. A lot of people wanted to participate but found the costs too high, or the recipe not to their liking etc. To make it easier for everyone to participate, have fun and not spend a fortune on props as of now the challenge is going to be a bit more open and a bit more creative! I will set a theme for each month and give you some inspirational images of the kind of mood I’m looking for.


It is then up to you to interpret the theme, create your own styling and recipe and have fun! To kick start the new challenge I didn’t pick an easy theme but I have recently done an all white photoshoot (images you see in this post) and thought it would be a cool theme to kick it of, giving me a bit more time to think about future themes. 🙂 I have also created a pintrest board with a few more examples of predominantly white photos.

To kick it off, here are the RULES


  1. Create a setting which shows of white as the dominant color. You can use one or two colors as a ‘side’ to highlight the white, but the main color in your shot should be white! Check out the examples in this inspiration board here. ( I will add more examples during the month)
  2. Use whatever props you have at your disposal
  3. Pick whatever recipe you think will work with this theme
  4. Post before the deadline of September 30th
  5. Enter you link through the Linky Tool shown below and make sure to link back to this post in your blog entry
  6. If you do not have a blog you can still enter your photo for the challenge, as long as you make sure we can view your photo online somewhere
  7. Once you have entered please send me an email at
    with the name of your blog, your own name, the link to your post and your entry photo in the size of 500 px wide max.
  8. Entries must be made specifically for this challenge


I hope this challenge will be a little easier to participate in. To give you just a few tips before starting read the below!

  • An all white setting will throw of the automatic reading of the light of your camera, most likely resulting in an underexposed image
  • I would suggest try and shoot this on manual setting to get the best result
  • If you’re not comfortable with the manual setting try aperture priority but use your exposure compensation button to play around with (you will probably need to go into the + area)
  • Use a tripod to make it easier for yourself and have a hand free to hold a reflector where needed
  • Watch your shadows as they can be tricky with white
  • Watch your histogram while shooting to make sure you’re whites do not burn out. Histogram is the graphic display of the light and dark tones in your photo. The bright colors are on the right of the histogram, while the darker tones will be on the left of the histogram.


O and the results of the last Donna Hay Challenge will follow shortly! Stay tuned!


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